You Only Have 2 Unique Roles

As a spouse and parent, you only have 2 unique roles, being a husband or wife, and being a parent. Fair PictureWhen you think about this it is true, someone else can do everything else you do. Your job, chores, cooking, cleaning, mowing the grass, etc. Why wouldn’t you want to prioritize the 2 things that are unique to you?

We all prioritize work because we can’t get awards at home, make more money at home, or simply see tasks get completed. We prioritize work because we simply love progress. At work progress or checking tasks off the list is how we measure ourselves and how others measure us. It’s tough to measure progress at home because it is not an easy checkbox especially in the 2 roles of spouse and parent. It’s definitely a long term thinking mentality vs. tasks and checklists.

So how do you strengthen your relationships with your spouse and your children? Are you buying them stuff, taking them on trips, giving them money, or simply trading money for time and expecting that to work? Well, that really doesn’t work so well. What does work?  It’s breathing room in your marriage and your time with your children. It’s not a financial issue that keeps us from creating breathing room, it is simply discipline to prioritize the rights things.  When you have breathing room, you can just be and allow things to happen vs. forcing them.  Knowing your priorities in advance helps you prioritize the right things.

Action Items and Thoughts

  • Someone else will do your 2 unique roles if you don’t – is that what you want?
  • You will spend a lot more time trying to fix things after the fact vs. just being disciplined with your time and prioritize from the start.
  • Relationships strive between your current performance and your ultimate ability.
    • Remember – it could be an 18 year effort until you see results with your children and others you influence.  Hopefully you see wins along the way, but commit to the long haul.
  • Control Your Day and Prioritize Your Life

For me, not living in fear is a big deal. Planning to live intentionally is a decision, so decide now. Good Luck