Who Are You Influencing Today?

My wife and I are conscious everyday about our influence on others and its ripple effect. Leadership in it’s simplest form is influence not control. I know a lot of people complain about lack of control in certain situations but what that translates to is if they think they had control they would be successful. This simply is not true, you cannot control anyone but yourself.

You can’t control anyone, but you can influence everyone to some degree.

We like to have a positive impact on those we come in contact with every day. Some times its minimal, sometime it can be life direction changing. If you want to be a positive leader in today’s world, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Control You – when you focus on yourself, when you are positive, when you are helpful with no judgment, the world will change around you.
  2. Take Initiative – be a positive contributor to your life. Don’t complain, own your day, own your future and start taking steps toward it.
  3. Know Where You Are Going – understand where you want to go, understand Why you want to go there, and pull a plan together.
  4. Celebrate Wins – celebrate things you accomplish, celebrate and be appreciative of what others accomplish around you.

You have a choice every day when you wake up to have a positive day for yourself AND make a positive mark on everyone around you today. Why wouldn’t you do that?

Action Items

Good Luck…