What’s Your Commitment Level?

How committed are you to your ____________________?jaredccsclays


  • Health?
  • Spouse?
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Job?
  • Co-Workers?

This past weekend our daughter was home visiting from Nashville, TN with her boyfriend.  We were talking about life plans, goals, ambitions and normal dad “stuff” that you talk about with the new boyfriend.  As we were shooting clays, we got deeper on the topic of commitments and what that means.  It was a good thing to talk about as we all have a level of commitment to a few things and another level of commitment to a few specific things. It certainly doesn’t happen without some forethought, but can change fast if you are not in the right environment – specially an environment that supports your character, your values and encourages you to be better every day.

My wife and I have committed to many things. Some of them we have done very well, some not so well, but it’s the journey of improvement and enjoying life as we go through it. When my wife and I first met, we knew there was a spark, an alignment and a foundation we were both seeking. We committed to improving our generation along with the generation of our family we were going to create. It certainly has been a journey and we are super happy with the path we are on with the 3 daughters we have brought into this world.

We are navigating the changes, pushing through the bumps, and helping each other through the valleys like everyone. We have had to adjust our commitment levels and priorities a few times, help each other with the actions that support those commitments, and help each other keep our focus on the next milestone.

Have you made commitments that you are putting the actions behind so you achieve and maintain them? Commitment is a big word. It is a promise to do or not do something. As a noun is assures one will do or not do something. As a verb it is a promise to do or give. There are many types of promises – marriage vows, military oaths, legal contracts, election promises, and so on.  Some of them are legally binding and others are simply just your word.  Do you know what you are going to say yes and no to so you will honor your commitments.  It is a great idea to decide in advance so when the time comes to be true to your commitments, it is easier.

Action Items

  • Write down the items you are 100% committed to.
  • Write down the commitments you are not 100%  sure about.
    • Determine why you are not fully committed – adjust your attitude or downgrade the commitment to a goal.
  • Set your priorities that align with your commitments.
  • Remind yourself a commitment and promise work together. Put yourself in a position to honor your commitments.
    • Seek out an accountability partner to help hold you responsible and accountable to your life plan and priorities.
  • Review your plan and commitments monthly or quarterly.
  • Separate your goals from your commitments.
    • Goals are what you are striving for with specifics and a target date.
    • Commitments are what you are going to do and who you will be.
  • Remind yourself commitments can be simple things like date nights with your spouse or kids.  Don’t over complicate the simple ones :).

Good Luck – Enjoy your life, honor your commitments, and strive to accomplish your goals that align with your life plan.