What Traditions Are You Keeping?

Traditions are great if they are for the right reasons. Face it, some traditions just need to go away, Girls with Christmas Stockings v2but others should be embraced and kept on the intentional list. Do you have an intentional list? Things you want to be constant in your life.

With life flying by, we think of things in weeks, months and even years. Days are rarely a conscious thought from a planning perspective. I heard a quote somewhere that stated “if you don’t plan your days and weeks, someone else will plan them for you”. I feel that is very true and that is why I am intentional about a few traditions in my life. Just to name a few:

  • Date nights and intentional time with my wife.
  • Intentional time with my daughters (no matter where they live).
  • Protecting and continuous reminders of my life priorities to help me make daily decisions.
  • Planning my year out to the best of my abilities (understand things will be adjusted).
  • Remembering what refuels me so I am the best person I can be for me and others I can help.
  • Working out so I am healthy so I can continue to help others.
  • My morning routine to workout, plan my day, my devotions, journaling and just quiet time.

Traditions, intentional living or habits can be separate things or just a life style. When you look back at 2015, did you:

  • Accomplish what you wanted?
  • Were you intentional about your time with your spouse, kids, and friends?
  • Were you intentional about your health?
  • Did you have a plan or goals starting out 2015?

All good questions you should be reflecting on because repeating a life that you are not happy with is in your control. You control a lot more of your life than you think. When you have an issue or are unhappy with something in life, ask the question:

Is this issue I am facing something I am in control of?

There are very few things we are not in control of or can’t make a significant change if we choose to. Be a change agent for your life and enjoy 2016.

Action Items

  • Make a plan for 2016 – see my tools to utilize here.
  • Change what you don’t like.
  • Embrace habits you want to keep.
  • Know your priorities and follow them with daily decisions
  • Do a Life Plan so you don’t look back with a bunch of regrets.

Best of Luck in 2016 and Get After It – It’s Your Life!!!

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    It gives me a lot to think about and lots of ways to change my life. Thanks

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