What Do You Do to Relax and Refuel Your Tanks?

What do you do to relax and allow you to refuel yourself and your life tanks? I was fishing Bass Lake 2015this past week with my brother and buddies in upper Wisconsin and it allowed me to unplug, relax, and recharge. It was a good opportunity for me to relax and just “hang out”. We fished, cooked out, had a fire, watched the win of the triple crown and was just able to “be”. It was nice to get out of all the things we have or feel we have to do in life so we can be clear on what we want to do. Are you doing what you want to or are you in a daily grind?

I am fortunate and blessed to have an awesome wife that helps alert me when I am just grinding through the days and not taking time to “be”. It’s pretty cool she likes to fish, have fires, and just unplug with me which helps when the days seem long.  We have a state park called Potato Creek which is 20 minutes from our house that we like to go to. We fished a lot last year and it allowed us to connect in a new way. We even went out after work a few nights last year and enjoyed some fishing, watched the sunset on the lake, and just shared life.

My wife helps me see when I am working too much and my life tanks being draining. When our life tanks are low, it is highly probable that we will make some bad decisions. Getting enough sleep and unplugging from things you have to do and enjoying the things you get to do should be a continual thing to be watching.

  • How do you relax with your spouse?
  • How do you relax with your family?
  • How do you relax with your friends?

Coming up with activities that get you in balance and enjoying life is a conscious decision that should be put on the daily and weekly checklist. How are you unplugging and keeping you and your family healthy? Try a few of the action items below and see if it makes a difference in your life.

Action Items

  • Do nothing for 6 hours.
    • Don’t do anything and pay attention to your thoughts, they could be telling you something.
  • Get off the Grid
    • Hide your gadgets, turn all of them off. Relax and take a break from all the distractions
  • Take a walk or a hike – there are plenty of places to go.
  • Do some outdoor activities.
    • Camping, fishing, or boating. If you haven’t done it, start small but start.
  • Chill and listen to your favorite music.
    • Listen to songs that spark good memories and just relax.

Good Luck – this is your life so be intentional about it.