Are You Waiting for the Right Time?

Do you consider yourself one of those people that wait for the right time? Are you working off of a hard timeline you set for yourself? I used to be one of those people that set hard timelines by week, month, quarter and year. I even had 5 thru 25 year ideas that I would like to accomplish.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because most people don’t plan enough. I have stated a quote more than I care to count or my family cares to hear “you don’t plan to fail; you fail to plan”. As my wife can confirm, I have adjusted my thinking a bit from a planning standpoint. I still plan, I still have things I would like to accomplish, I still have timelines of goals. What is different is I am ok with adjusting the plans along the way.

I know my core values, I know what I want to be from a person, husband, dad, and friend standpoint which provides me my foundation. With that understanding, it allows me to be intentional with the direction I am headed, and peace when things change. Understanding the journey is as important as the destination  which was a huge enlightenment for me.

My wife and I are traveling this week to enjoy some quality and relaxing time together to replenish ourselves. This replenishment cycle which we help others understand when doing life plans is essential for you to stay in your sweet spot, where you have the most impact to the people around you. What are you doing to recharge yourself?  What are you doing to help make you be the best you?  Don’t float through life, be intentional with the gifts and talents you were blessed with. 

Action Items

  • Write down 4 things that replenish you. Things that refuel you to be the best version of you.
  • Take the Procrastination Test by answering these questions:
    • Are you trying to time things?
    • Do you over evaluate things to the point it causes you big delays in making decisions?
    • Do you wait for the perfect solution before making a decision?

Enjoy the life journey you’re on. Remember perfection is the enemy of progress, and be open as the path adjusts toward the things you want to accomplish. Good Luck..