Do You Have Vulnerability-Based Trust?

Do you have vulnerability-based trust in your life?  Do you know what this means? I have heard a lot on this topic lately and think it is critical if you want to grow as a person, in a relationship, in your family, or at work.

I learned a lot about this from Patick Lencioni in his book Five Dysfunctions of a Team and I feel it applies in life equally to business. He focuses on business but the life and business integrated world we live in, we need to apply his concepts across all of our life domains. Lencioni walks through five areas of team dynamics with Trust being the foundation and results at the top.

1. Trust—Teams with trust are completely open honest and vulnerable with one another. They’re comfortable letting their guard down and being themselves around one another.

2. Conflict—When they have a high level of trust, leadership teams can have it out about any and all issues, always going deep on the real issues. With real conflict, that’s always about the issue and it’s never personal.

3. Commitment—With commitment, healthy conflict leads to decisions. Even if everyone doesn’t agree with the decision, they can all live with it, because they’ve all been heard.

4. Accountability—When a team is committed to a decision, a deal is a deal. If someone doesn’t follow through, they call each other out, holding each other accountable.

5. Results—When a team has all four elements that are strong, the team generates better results with less effort.

As you can see, Lencioni refers to business but as my wife and  I experience in life planning – Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results always come into play.

Action Items

  • Evaluate your trust level with the 5 people or groups you are around the most. Scale it from 1 to 4 with 1 being total trust.
  • List the 5 in order based on results.
  • Determine what changes need to be made. This could be a difficult conversation or even distancing yourself from a relationship.  Pick a date and start the change.

Good luck and remember it’s your life. Minimize your regrets.