Thoughts Get Clarity Through Lips and Pencil Tips

As we approach the last week of January, 1/12th of the year is done. What have you done to work toward your goals, your vision, and your life purpose? These can be hard questions, but time is not going to stop because you lack planning or discipline to execute a thought. Thoughts or wishes are not a plan, they are simply just thoughts and wishes.

Thoughts and wishes can get clarity when you talk them out with friends or colleagues and write them down. Journaling can significantly help, in fact I wrote a blog on what the most successful people do before breakfast, and one of the things they do is journal so they can get their thoughts out of their head and write them down. Not type them into a system, but write them down to solidify their meaning.

Action Items

  • Start a new habit today – journal your thoughts every morning.
  • If you want to push yourself, workout, listen to a podcast, and write down your important tasks you want to accomplish for the day.
  • Read this blog to adopt some new morning habits so you own your day.

If you don’t get clarity on you and live a healthy life – you won’t be able to help others – Good Luck.