Success Leaves Trails – Who Are You Watching?

Success leaves trails for sure.  My Uncle George is a pretty cool guy for many reasons.  2015 Glendale FishingWe were fishing this past weekend for bluegills and red ear also known as pan fish and we caught a bunch.  To be exact, and not a fish story, it was probably 600 for the weekend.  Now this was with my cousins and nephews but for 5 people, not a bad weekend catch.

It was windy and rainy, but over the 10+ years I have been going on the fishing trip with Uncle George and family, I have learned many things.  One very important one is be prepared for rain and cold.  I failed initially and you only make that mistake once.  We camp in the primitive section of the park which means no electricity, so you have to be prepared on many fronts.

Over the years, my uncle has taught me many things like how to fish, how to camp, and how to filet a fish. Some of the life lessons he has shared have been pretty impactful on my life.  He is in his mid 70’s and has the health of a 50 year old.  He crawls around in our pop up camper, hikes down the hills to the boats, crawls in the boats and still teaches all of us some fishing tips.  He is even quite fashionable with fishing gear and in life.

He was a successful businessman who ran an Alcoa building supply division for many years.  He grew people, vendor partnerships, customer partnerships, and knew the value of building and caring for others.  All of his advice regarding business and leadership still applies today which made me think a little deeper this past weekend.  If all the basics are the same, we have to be careful we don’t let technology mess that up.

There are a few people I watch that I consider successful.  As I stated in the title, success leaves trails and you should pay attention to that.  You also need to know your definition of success.  Some habits and traits should be adopted from others, especially the basics that don’t change with time.  In today’s world moving at the speed it is, we will always have to have an innovative side to us because of technology. We should know the basics and learn from others that have been through many experiences.

It is pretty cool to see Uncle George getting out and fishing with us, teaching us some lessons without preaching.  It’s a constant reminder that we need to adopt some basics of life that help us keep our foundation solid.

Actions Items

  • Know Your Definition of Success.  If you don’t know, really think about it and define it.
  • Are you paying attention to someone that is 10-20 years ahead of you so you can learn from them?
    • It may be a relative.
    • It may be a blog poster.
    • It may be a podcaster.
  • Find someone who can be a real influencer in your life and pay attention to them. Adopt what makes sense.
  • As in Uncle George’s life, he has a great wife – Aunt Barb. She helps keep him balanced in many ways.
    • Exercises/Yoga
    • Vitamins
    • Eating Healthy
  • If you don’t have someone doing this for you, get someone. It can be a coach, accountability partner, or a good friend.

Be healthy, learn from others, and be intentional about your life – Good Luck..

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One thought on “Success Leaves Trails – Who Are You Watching?

  1. Great story! Your “Uncle George” is a huge influence in everyone’s life that he’s touched. He became my stepfather/dad when I was 11 years old and has always imparted his advice and wisdom throughout my life, and still does. I’ve seen him madder than a hornet and happier than a lark, but the look on his face when you’ve disappointed him breaks your heart. I’ve done that few times and that makes me work harder to be a better person and make sure that the things I do in life make a difference, are the right things, and mostly that they make a difference. Although he tried and tried to teach me how to swim, get on a boat, fish, anything to do with water…I’ve failed. Those are trivial things though and he just pokes fun at me about them. George, Dad, Pops, whatever I call him…he’s always there and loves all of us unconditionally; even through our trial and errors, he has always been there to teach, explain, listen, and love. So this tradition you “guys” of the family get to share with him, I understand, and am envious! George does not do things without purpose. He lives life right, healthy (thanks to mom), adventurously, and most of all he appreciates his family and friends. You can depend on him any time of the night or day. “Uncle” George is pretty amazing and awesome.

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