Success is an Inside Job

Define Success for 2018

Have you defined success? Most people default success to how much money they have, how much stuff they own, or sometimes how successful their kids are. Defining success can be a weird question but necessary to minimize your regrets in life and simply enjoy life. For me, Success is spending most of my time in my “sweet spot”, balancing my five life domains, and embracing everyday.

  • First – your “sweet spot is where your passions and strengths align.
  • Second – is balancing life across all 5 life domains – personal, family, vocation, faith, and community.

As 2017 comes to a close, it is important to think about what success looks like in 2018 for you. Success is an inside job and if you want to accomplish anything great, it must start from the inside and manifest itself outside of you. We all learn a lot of stuff everyday which accounts for about 15% of our total success. 85% or more comes from our mindset AND what we feed it on a daily basis.

How are you feeding your mind? A mindset of continuous learning and stretching ourselves out of our comfort zone must be adopted as a normal habit to improve ourselves. Pushing yourself to be more skilled at your craft and a better you which should be based on your strengths is an important habit to adopt for 2018.

Action Items

  • Know Your Sweet Spot – do my workbook if you don’t know yours.
  • Be a person that does more for others – what you send out ultimately is received back
  • Define Success across your life domains for 2018.

Remember – when you change everything will change for you – Jim Rohn. Good Luck