SQUIRREL… Focus and Execution Solution

I have been a “shiny object” or “squirrel” guy for as long as I can remember.  I tried many organizational tools over years.  I started with and progressed through:

  • Checklists for my paper route for The South Bend Tribune
  • The Day Timer Program – yes I had a custom engraved black letter 5 x 8 binder
  • Many Excel type systems – purchased and created
  • Outlook Tasks
  • Outlook Folders
  • Custom Applications
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Mobile Apps for the iPhone
  • and many more….

I started work early, co-founded and was CEO for 18 years at Pinnacle of Indiana – a large Microsoft focused technology firm, I started using a new system of organization that works.  One of my strengths (from strength finders 2.0) is futurist.  This means I am always looking for the newest technologies and determining how to use it and how to help our clients capitalize on it for their business.  Unfortunately this leads me to have focus problems.  A friend of my recommended I read Dave Allen’s Getting Things Done AND watch thesecretweapon.org videos.  So I purchased the audio version of the book, hopped on the elliptical machine and listened to the book and watched the videos.

WOW!!  I have been using the system for almost a year now and the promise was “mind like water”.  Clarity and focus to execute and be in the moment – fully engaged to:

  • Plan and prioritize your day
  • Focus and execute what you have chosen to do
  • Then Do It

So, life balance is important to me or better stated the continually strive for life balance.   I often think of the urgent/important grid of tasks management when I plan my week and days.  80% of my week is IN the business because we have to, and the 20% is working ON the business of improving it because we choose to.  This could be process optimization, new technology optimization, reporting, alerts, new Business Intelligence to make better decisions, etc.

At the end of the day the 20% activity of working ON the business moves it forward and it takes focus to execute.  I have been on the system now for almost a year and I am almost paperless, organized, and my mind feels not so crammed up so I guess I am moving toward the “mind like water” state.  I am not perfect by any means, but this is worth it for me and if you can push through the change and be disciplined for 90 days or so, you will enjoy life more like I am.

The Action Steps and Tools are:

  1. Read Dave Allens Book – Getting Things Done (yes this is an amazon affiliate link)
  2. Watch the short videos – thesecretweapon.org (free)
  3. Install Evernote and configure per thesecretweapon.org outline (free version – can upgrade if you need to)

The big plus is it works on all your devices so you always know what you decided on and you always have everything you need with you.  Now GO simplify your life and let things flow through your mind easier and enjoy life.


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  1. Craig – glad to see you out blogging. I love the “shiny objects” line! I need you to teach me how to utilize Evernote this way. Love Evernote and looking to more fully integrate it into my life in 2014.

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