How Sharp Are Your Leadership Skills?

What are you doing to sharpen your leadership skills? Have you taken inventory of your leadership skills and assessed how you rank? One of my annual goals that has been really consistent in my life and is one of more core values is Forever Learner. This has evolved over the years from technical learning, to management learning and the big jump to leadership learning. Once you hit a maturity level with the combination of experience is usually when the “light bulb” of leadership turns on.

I love learning and was “sharpening my saw” as Stephen Covey calls it in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and ran across this YouTube video on Jim Collins’s Top 10 Rules for Success. I highly recommend watching it and then evaluate which of the 10 rules you are applying – both at home and at work. I have read 3 of Jim Collins books and they are a must read if you are in any position of leadership.

Action Items

Good Luck and keep learning – readers lead and leaders read.