Are You Doing the Right Thing or Wise Thing?

Getting Clarity on Daily Decisions...

One of my personal core values from my Life Plan is “Do The Right Thing”. This past weekend I was working out and listening to Your Move podcast “How to Be Drama Free” by Andy Stanley. He really challenged this statement and me on my core value and belief. I came up with this core value after doing my first Life Plan years ago. I do my best to live this core value and have it guide me in my daily decisions.

On Sunday, when I listened to Andy he made some statements that made me really think about modifying this core value. Andy stated the word “right” is subjective and can be rationalized, justified, and simply wrong on occasions. Andy mentioned the better statement is:

What is the Wise Thing to Do?

I really had to pause and think about this for a while. The word “right” can be subjective so I thought maybe “wise” is a better word. So, I continued listening and then he confirmed my thinking with a few short statements. We should always ask what is the wise thing to do for every opportunity or invitation. The reasoning is it affects our story we are going to tell others about us. Our story can be good or bad and it is based on the decisions we make today. Think about this statement:

“Today will be the Past that will show up in our Future”

I used to say, “if your not living on the edge, your taking up too much space”. Now I use this a little more cautiously as life and certain environments will bait us as close to bad as possible and allow us to fail, then judge us. I wrote a blog about you being the average of the 5 people you hang around the most and this certainly can affect us from making “wise” decisions.

Here are a few questions for you.

  • Do you have your core values defined to help guide you through life?
  • Do you have a clear vision for your future?
  • Have you reviewed the 5 people you are hanging out with the most to make sure they exhibit the behaviors you want to exhibit?

We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan so if you answered no to any of those questions it’s time for you to begin the journey of completing your life plan.

Action Items

  • Get my book You in the Sweet Spot to walk you through:
    • Defining your Core Values
    • Getting Clarity on Your Future
    • Know Your WHY
    • Live with Purpose and On Purpose
  • Commit to finish your plan by 12.31.17

It’s your life to own and minimize regrets – Now Own It!!!