Resources for YOU

Looking for YOU in the SWEET SPOT resources?

Here are your resources you need for YOU in the SWEET SPOT

Life Plan Playbook Template – for executing your life plan.  Includes one page plan and other execution tools.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

This is crucial in understanding your strengths. Strengths Finder was such a huge impact in doing my life plan. Knowing your strengths is step 1 to understanding yourself. But if you feel you can’t purchase that book, you can do a 16 personalities test which will give you a basic overview.

How to Fascinate

You will learn how others view you and what they find fascinating about you. When you know this information you can become intentional about how you interact with others.

Ideal Week

Scoping our your week will allow you to plan for specific times you need to do things. That can be working out, family time, personal time, work, etc.

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