Have You Really Defined Success?

Have you defined what success means to you? For many people it’s money. In my early years like most people money was my definition of success and like most people I didn’t have any and believed it would make me happy. Money certainly doesn’t hurt but happiness, having fun, and being financially stable should be a big part of your success equation.

It was mom’s weekend at Indiana University a few weekends ago where two of our daughters are pursuing their degrees. My wife and I went down for the weekend and our oldest daughter that lives in Nashville, TN was able to come up for a few nights. Being able to spend the weekend with all of our daughters was quite special for my wife and me.

There were a few of “those” moments that I was able to step back and appreciate seeing our daughters on their next chapter of life and what great young ladies they are becoming. My wife and I talked about what a successful family looks like early on in life. I actually have to give her the credit which I am grateful for because she was solid on this and had a solid vision for our daughters and our family. I always thought I was the visionary, but she definitely was the leader and visionary for our family.

We are super proud of our daughters and how they are navigating life, maturing, and making a difference in the people around them. Helping others has always been part of our family culture and we are hopeful that will continue on through their families. If you are a taker, it may lead you to the belief you are successful in life, but in most cases that doesn’t mean you are happy.

A balanced life in the areas of finances, health, family, faith, romance, career, fun, growth, will help you maximize your potential and enjoy life. If one of these areas are failing, it will drag the others down. When you are clear on your definition of success, execute on your priorities, then you can move to significance which is the ultimate target in life. Where you truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Action Items

  • Fill out the quick balance checkup to see how balanced you are.
  • Document your definition of Success – in detail.
  • Document anything that jumped out at you or concerns you.
  • Do a Life Plan to make sure you are headed in the direction you want.
Life Domain Quick Assessment
Life Domains Bad Needs Help OK Great

Put a “X” in the box that best describes the current state of that life domain.

Life Balance Concerns and Observations





It’s your life, it’s your definition of success, and your conscious decision to do something about it if you choose to. Minimize your regrets and decide to do a life plan today. Good Luck.