Get 30% of You and Your Teams Day Back – The Multi-Tasking LIE!!

Get 30% of you and your teams day back.

So you think you and your team can multi-task?

Nope, they can switch back and forth really fast but that is super inefficient.  Multi-tasking and multi-processing is only for computers, not humans.  This has been a confusing topic for a long time which I had to address many times.  I am a huge fan of 2 or more monitors on everyone’s desk for the productivity factor.  Yes, you can switch back and forth between tasks but the REALITY is you can only focus on 1 thing at a time.  I tried to beat this many times especially with my shiny object tendency, see my blog on this.  You know how long it takes to get back in the groove to finish a task if you have a lot of stop and starts.  The key is to block uninterrupted time for bigger tasks and get 2 monitors on everyone’s desk.


So here it is, 2 monitors for your desktop or laptop will gain you 30% of your productivity and day back.  How you ask?  Well it takes out the switching back and forth when checking schedules, editing revisions of documents, writing documents from research on the internet, updating excel sheets from other spreadsheets or just processing emails and updating tasks list.  This is HUGE and this gets overlooked so much in business.  Most CFO’s look at cost of adding dual monitors and don’t look at the 30% productivity gain of every person every workday. That is roughly getting 76 days back annually for every person on the team.  Now analyze the $$ on that!  This Dual Monitor Productivity article is one of many to review for further details.dual monitors 1

Now that is good stuff for personal productivity in a business setting.  Lets me explain a simple business process we have been implementing at Pinnacle for our clients that saves them tons of time and money with little investment.  Every business pay vendors usually in an Accounts Payable system.  What we do is get the paper handling out of the process as fast as possible.  This helps in any process optimization, and the sooner you can get the paper electronic, the more time and money you will save.  I will give you the 1,000 foot view, if you have questions please feel free to leave me a comment.

This is what we do:

  1. Install dual monitors on the teams computers
  2. Add Labrador AP, a document imaging system for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  3. Setup the approval routing based on General Ledger, Vendor, and/or Invoice Amounts
  4. Change the Payables or Paying Bills Process
    • Have all invoices routing to Corp/Accounts Payable
    • Batch scan invoices
    • Enter invoice into Dynamics GP (monitor 1) from scanned image (monitor 2)
    • Hit the route button to save image with the voucher/invoice in the system to be approved electronically
      • Note: from any web device, the approver can see invoice, see the image, change if needed, and route back
    • Invoice is routed back to be paid via check or electronically (EFT) from within the system

Now you may or may not get all that but the bottom line, is the accounting group get controls back.  They don’t miss discounts or due dates and the approval process doesn’t break because accounting always knows where the document is.  No more paper passing or filing which is huge $’s in savings.  If you pay vendors electronically via EFT which most of our clients are paying between 60-80% of their vendors this way.  You save more $’s – no postage, no checks, no ink, no filing, just a great way to go.

There is significant productivity to be had by adding dual monitors for personal processing as well as incorporating them into business process improvements.  There are many options for adding dual monitors to systems, I personally like the Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Docking Station because it is USB based and can stay if you change your laptop or desktops.

Actions Items

  • Get 2 monitors on everyones desk (and do a little training)
  • List out the top 3 processes of your business – challenge them to see if they are as efficient as they can be (you may need outside help)
  • List the top 3 time consuming processes for you – challenge them

It’s about efficiency and doing the important tasks and being aware of the urgent/non-important tasks.

Leave me comments if you have any questions.