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Be Intentional About You...

I wrote a blog last year called Your Morning Routine is Your Secret Weapon which I received a lot of positive feedback from. As a continuous improvement person, I am always looking for meaningful ways to improve processes that will help me achieve what I want in life.

You can read that blog and understand my AM routine which I think separate a lot of people. In fact, I am reading Tim Ferris’s book called Tools of the Titans which I highly recommend. He documented a lot of the successful people in the world routines, beliefs, quotes, and more. One thing all of them had in common was they had a morning mindfulness routine.

Why wouldn’t you own the beginning of your day to make a better you?

Well this new year I adjusted my routine and I really like it. I still:

  • Get up Early (with a quick prayer)
  • Read a Daily Devotional
  • Pray/Mindfulness Thinking Time in order:
  • Just Be for 5 Minutes
  • Journal what I learned, what I want to accomplish, and a quote or two I want to keep with me for the day. (I use OneNote on an ipad pro and simply love it…)

What I added was:

  • A Retrospective Section to my Journal.
    • This where I think about yesterday and write down:
      • What Went Well
      • What Could I Improve On
      • What Was Lacking
      • What I am Going to Change
  • Meditation (just started this)

It’s is pretty cool when you can start your day the way you want. Life will always have turns as you go into the world, but you can at least own your morning.

Action Items

  • If You Don’t Have a Morning Routing – Start!!!
  • If You Do, Evaluate it to See if it can be improved.
  • Do a Daily Retrospective
  • Do a Monthly Retrospective – use this template as a guide.

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