Is Life or Death Your Counselor?

If it was your last week to live...

It was a cool weekend this past weekend. On January 5, 2018 I was blessed with my first granddaughter – Harper Annalise. My family could be there and it really put a reality on how fast time keeps accelerating and how it is our most important asset and only non-renewable resource.

As I held my grandbaby, it reminded me of a recent video I watched from Tony Robbins about Death and it being your counselor and guide. I know it is a little weird to think about death when I was holding Harper but an event like this should make us all take note and analyze what we are doing and what kind of life we want to live.

I talk to as many people as I can about being intentional about their life and living the life they were meant to live. It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. I reviewed the notes from Tony’s video that made me evaluate where I am in life, what I want to accomplish, and what will I look back on and be happy about. Here are a few questions to ponder:

  • When Do People Really Start to Live?
    • Answer: When you Face Death
  • If You Were Faced with Death
    • What Would You Re-Prioritize?
    • Would Little Things become Important Things?
    • Would You Consider What You’ve Taken for Granted?
  • If This was the Last Week of Your Life:
    • Who Would You Call?
    • What Would You Say?
    • What Truth Would You Tell?
    • What Would You Share that You Never Shared?
    • Would You Treat People Different?

Death is a For Sure and we shouldn’t forget that fact. It’s ok, Death makes a great counselor of how we live our lives today and everyday forward. Whatever you would do for the last week of your life… it might be the time to do this week.

Action Items

  • Answer the Questions Above
  • Really Review Your Answers
  • Make a Conscious Choice To:
    • Live with No Regrets
    • Be Genuine and Protect Your Character
    • Do a Life Plan so You Live on Purpose with Purpose
  • Start Your Day by Being Grateful Every Morning – Create a Mindfulness Morning Routine

Live the life you want, do the wise thing that will be part of your future story.

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One thought on “Is Life or Death Your Counselor?

  1. Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Any time life sends us on a different by-way (read “change”) we have an opportunity to ask these important questions you have posted. For example, when my life is all smooth and uneventful, I just do what I need and want to do without too much reflection. When something upsets my routine in a good or bad way (lately it’s back pain) I find I must ask myself the deeper questions. I’ll either get back on the same track with more awareness, or choose a different path, routine, or goal. For example, now I need daily morning yoga and regular bodywork appointments to manage my discomfort. A few weeks ago, this wasn’t on my radar, and now I have to think about my schedule and whether it serves me and I can serve others effectively. So, for me–it’s not facing death or life, for that matter, but something in between. Very good post–thanks.