Leadership is Like Being a Lady…

Leadership is Like Being a Lady. If you have to tell someone you are – YOU ARE NOT!  Emily Lady and Leader 1I thought of this saying this past weekend when I listened to Dave Ramsey’s podcast called EntreLeadership. They were interviewing Simon Sinek about his new book “Leaders Eat Last”. I have added this to my books to read list as he had some awesome points about Leaders and Culture.

In the interview, he talked about most people think leadership is about being in charge. Most people think leadership is about having all the answers and being the smartest person in the room. It is exactly the opposite. Leadership is about empowering others and the transfer of Power. Helping people around you.

Quick Self Checkup?

  • Do You Acknowledge Your Weaknesses?
  • Do You Think Managing and Leading Are The Same?
  • Are You Transferring Power?
  • Are You Building and Developing Others?
  • Can You Take a Week Off and Feel Confident?

There is a huge difference between Management and Leadership. Steven Covey stated Leaders make sure the ladder is on the right wall while Managers are efficient in climbing the ladder. It took me years to start the mental transition from technician, to manager, to leader. The owner and entrepreneur in me got in the way a lot as I could always trump decisions, which gave me a false sense of leadership success. Understanding the true meaning of leadership AND living it has been extremely fulfilling.

Leadership is a forever learning and building process. I can remember the first time it hit me; my friend, Kem Meyer, gave me an Andy Stanley CD on leadership. I really didn’t understand why, so I listened to it while I was mowing the grass. It hit me like I hit a tree. I was always listening to cassettes on self-improvement like Tony Robbins, but the whole leadership CD was a turning point in my life. That was over 20 years ago, and I haven’t stop looking for ways to learn more – pretty crazy and pretty cool. So challenge yourself to be a real leader if that is your role, position, or passion, and remember true leaders transfer power. You still need managers to get things done as effectively and as efficiently as possible, but it is the leaders that point them in right direction.

Action Items

  • Challenge yourself to be a better leader by reading and applying leadership principles.
  • Get a critic – someone that challenges you and covers your blind spots.
  • Get a coach – I am an avid believer in coaches, peer groups, and mentors.
  • Share what you learn with someone.
  • Listen to the EntreLeadership Podcast with Simon Sinek

If you have life experiences that relate, please share so we can learn together.