Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Girls2013v1Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  This definitely applies to both personal and work life.  My wife has been saying this to me for a long time and it finally sunk in a few years ago.  My wife and I grew up without a whole lot.  Being blessed with three wonderful daughters I had it in my mind that I wanted to give them more than we had.  A lot of people fall into this trap.  You work hard and want to take away some of the struggle and pain that you had to handle growing up. I made a ton of mistakes like getting them computers in their rooms too soon.  This resulted in separation from the family and other downsides that go along with technology.  Simple conversations were difficult as instant messaging and texting became a constant distraction.

I believe I heard this statement on Andy Stanley’s podcast.  He said, “It’s okay to give your kids what you didn’t have as long as you give them what you did have that made you – you.  Man did that open my eyes!

My wife has been a great foundation for our family.  Keeping our core values in place, providing great meals to have conversation around, building a consistent foundation, and simply being there when our daughters needed someone to talk to.  I was always pushing forward as my strengths are around future, achieving things and strategy so I wanted to give them more and my wife was wanting to give them a foundation that we didn’t have growing up.

As you add new things to your life and business, keep a balance between what you had and still want —and the new items and their impact. Core values and foundation need to be balanced with the “more” equation. Good Luck.


In Personal Life

  • Look back and remember the foundation items that made you – you
  • Determine if you want those in your life today – if so, put a plan in place and start incorporating them in your life
  • Try to understand the impact of adding technology or things you didn’t have. Make sure it doesn’t take away the things you had and want to have
  • Understand you and your spouse’s strengths and love tanks (read about that in the 5 Love Languages) – this will go a long way to a happier life

In Business

  • Before you put new systems in place ensure you understand the impact to the business.  In many cases new systems that aren’t part of a long-term integrated strategy and have short-term life and cost more.
  • Remind yourself that money can buy technology improvements, but people are going to be the ones that make them work.  Ensure you are thinking of all 3 components of business:
    • People – Process – Systems,.
  • Remember training your people is and will always be a great investment
  • Culture is a big deal – make sure you are sharing vision always and why you are doing what you are doing
  • Make sure you have a technology roadmap that is aligned with your business strategy and you are getting outside viewpoints.  Blind spots around technology are especially costly to get back on track.