How Intentional Are You About Sharing Your Thoughts?

Really, how intentional are you about sharing your thoughts?EmilyAllisonIULittle5 EmilyAllisonIULittle5Being intentional can be a very difficult thing depending on how you are wired. Sometimes it’s the season of life we are in, and other times it’s the number of things we have going on. Knowing what you are shooting for and how you want to be remembered are always good reminders to do daily.

The danger zone is when you try to navigate life and you don’t give certain trusted people permission to be candid, honest, and discuss real things they may see in you that you are not seeing. For working out of the house, it may be participating in a peer group, accountability group or having an accountability partner. For those at home doing important work, having a small group and an accountability partnership/friendship is essential.

We all have thoughts and opinions, but the danger is keeping them in your head and letting them potentially develop into something that simply isn’t true. Make sure you start your days right by controlling your day, controlling your thoughts, and getting them out of your head by journaling or discussing with someone. See my blog here on techniques to own and start your day better.

Action Items

  • Ask These Questions Daily.
    • How Is My Character?
    • Do I Really Want to Get Better?
    • Am I Taking Enough Risks?
    • Am I Taking People for Granted?
    • Am I Being Patient?
    • Do I Know People Are Always Watching Me?
    • Am I Making a Difference?
    • Do I Love the People I Am Leading? – Do you truly love them?  Do you care about them?  How do you show it?
    • Am I Putting Jesus and My Family First?
    • Am I Investing in The Next Generation?
    • Am I Practicing Good Financial Principles?
    • Am I Hiring the Right People?
  • Read my blog on controlling your day AND start tomorrow.
  • Start Journaling to gain clarity of your thoughts.

Good Luck and start being more intentional about your life today.