What Is Important Right Now?

What Is Important Right Now? Have you ever been stressed, overworked, priorities out of control? Canoe pic 3Life and work can be overwhelming sometimes with the complexities and immediately-connected world we live in. One question to ask and keep in your “tool bag” is:

What is Important Right Now?

It’s important to remember, history is done. The future isn’t written. It’s what we do right now that moves us in the direction our feet are pointed. I am a big goal planner moving toward an essentialist life. I am understanding this more every day and the book I just finished, Essentialism, helped me understand this.

When we say Yes to something, we say No to something else, or at a minimum, we are saying we are moving other items down the priority list. It is important to know your priorities because it will make it easier to say No to requests or options when they come up.

My Priorities are:

  1. Godcanoe4
  2. Self (will explain in another post)
  3. Tanna
  4. Children
  5. Ext Family
  6. Friends
  7. Career
  8. Finances
  9. Ministry

So when someone asks me to go out for a quick drink, but I had a date planned with my wife, it is easy to say No.   My wife is #3, which is above the friends, so that was easy. I recently had to do this with the vacation I am on. Our oldest and second daughter are turning 21 and 20 today, August 6. So with the pressures of going back to school, getting them ready for college, work, etc., my wife and I headed down to Nashville to celebrate their birthdays. Our oldest is living down in Nashville finishing Aveda Cosmetology School; so we all loaded up with the boyfriends and headed down. It was easy to say yes to this because it was an easy priority run down.

We are here having a great time, we went canoeing, or what they call cabrewing here in Nashville when you have a beer and canoe.

Happy Birthday to Abby and Allison – We Love You!!

Action Items

  • Create Your Priority List ( do a life plan – it will help)
  • Practice Decision Making through Your Priority List
  • If you have Kids, remember
    • 0-5 years old – discipline years
    • 5-12 years old – training years
    • 12-18 years old – coaching years
    • 18+ – friendship years
      • You can be friends later in life (my wife helped me understand this – thanks babe)
      • It is hard to discipline when you can’t pick them up :).