Have You Identified Your Hot Buttons?

What are you sensitive to...

We all have hot buttons. Things or actions that get on our nerves or we are hyper-sensitive to. The key is to know your hot buttons and make sure you know how you want to respond. Do you know your hot buttons?

What Are Yours:

  • People that interrupt you?
  • People that don’t listen?
  • People that ask you the same question over and over?
  • Bad or Crazy Drivers?
  • Negative people?
  • And so on…

Every person has a few behaviors they are sensitive to. Some more than others, but for sure we all have them. The key to help yourself is to remain calm and acknowledge your emotions when one of your hot buttons fire up. It is especially helpful to know your hot buttons in advance, so you have your ideal response mapped out so your muscle memory takes over and you respond how you want to. This doesn’t always happen, but you have a better chance responding how you want if you decide in advance.

Action Items

  • Make a list of your hot buttons.
  • Think through your ideal responses for each hot button.
  • Picture someone else working through one of your hot buttons, do you like their response vs. yours?
  • Attack 1 per week and do a weekly review of how you did.

I started this a few years back and my first one was road rage and complaining about other drivers. What is your first hot button to attack?