Are You Planning Your Life For 2016?

Free Life Plan Template

I just finished doing my second life plan and the process was heavy, deep, exhausting and motivating. It took 20 hours in 2 days, 32 flip charts, and lots of digging deep in my heart and my head. 20151216_220047924_iOSCompleting my life plan is part of the process for accomplishing one of my 2016 goals which is to be life plan certified through the Patterson Group. Actually my wife and I are going to get our certifications together to accomplish one of our missions together which is to help people live on purpose with minimal regrets.

Part of this process is to have someone walk you through the process and help you determine your life roadmap. Fortunately I had a good friend, Mark Meyer, help me with this and it was a very satisfying process in many perspectives, but the main reason is feeling like I am thinking about who I truly want to be and what really is important.

I did my first life plan on my own in 2011. Although the process was straight forward, it took dedicated time, thought, and a lot of soul searching. I recommend starting here if you can’t afford to have a life plan facilitator help you. Normally these life plans cost $3,000 which is what I did on my second life plan. I will include a link to my self-paced life plan below.

Living on purpose is important to me and I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to be intentional about where you are going and who you want to be. My first life plan helped me understand my priorities and adjust how I was living to match them. It actually lead my wife and me to sell the business we co-created after 18 years. It was a huge turning point in our lives and I don’t regret it for a minute. My second life plan helped me develop and clarify my core values, mission, and legacy.

This was another big step and I am excited about finalizing my 2016 goals that align with:

  • My priorities
  • Core values
  • Mission
  • Legacy
  • Life plan

Do You Think You’re Ready for a Life Plan? Here are some quick questions to determine or clarify if you are ready for a Life Plan.

  • Are you looking for clarity on your life’s mission?
  • Are you seeking more live balance and control of your life?
  • Do you want to feel like you are making the best contribution to the world?
  • Are you looking for clear vision of the future and ready to make that a reality?

If you said yes to any of the above you are ready. Again, if you can’t start out with a coach or facilitator, follow my life plan template and steps to start 2016 being intentional about your life. Trying committing first, then figuring it out.

Action Steps