How’s Your Moral Compass?

Well it’s the last day of quarter 3 moral compassfor 2015.  Wow, time is flying and it’s time for a checkup to see if your feet are pointed in the right direction.  A big part of your moral compass is who you are “hanging” around with.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my wife and I started working out in the AM at Dan V.’s gym.  It’s refreshing to see the type of people that are doing life on purpose for a purpose. We are into our 3rd week and you can just feel the type of people in the room.  Wanting to improve themselves, help others, and seemingly help others they come in contact with.  It definitely is a positive way to start the day.

The people we hang around with can impact our attitude, our happiness factor, our growth factor, and even highly influence our morals.  I wrote a blog a few weeks ago call “Did you know you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.   Without restating the whole blog, we become the average of who we hang around the most and we adopt some of their mannerisms, thoughts, and even their morals or values.  We have to be very careful we don’t lower our “normal” bar for the standards and the values we believe in. This happens a lot, not just in gangs, but in normal life.

Do the action items below to get another perspective on yourself to make sure you are headed in the right direction.  Don’t think you have this one covered, go through the exercise of writing it down.  Things get clearer when you write them down.

Action Items

  • Do a Q3 checkup with a time analysis of yourself.
    • Who are you spending time with the most?
    • Where are you spending most of your time?
  • Then Evaluate:
    • Are you adopting their habits?
    • Are you adopting their belief system?
    • Are your standards or values being raised or lowered?
  • Reflect on the results – then print out my ideal week and annual calendar plan and be intentional about changing things.
  • Take responsibility for your life and your time
  • Own your character and value system.

Good Luck and it’s your life, so be intentional about it.


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