How You Are Doing in Your Life Domains?

Complete your Wheel of Life assessment.

My wife and I recently completed our life plans by a certified life coach from the Patterson Center. It is a rigorous 2-day process that challenged us to think deeper than we have in a while. Thinking about our legacy, our passions, our natural wirings, and documenting how we got to become who we are today is a rewarding exercise. Part of our plan is to get LifePlan certified in April this year so we can help others live intentionally and on purpose.

Reviewing and planning for all the domains in your life is something that I feel everyone should do. There are a few variations on the number of domains of life but I think most of them fall into major categories with a few subcategories for clarification. It’s a good idea for you to measure how you are doing in each of them just to get a visualization on where you are. If one of the domain scores is low, your life may have a flat spot which will eventually affect you. I did some research on the wheel of life assessments and below is what I found from a comparison standpoint.

I did some additional digging and it turns out the wheel of life originated with Buddha in about 500 B.C. to assess a person’s inner psychological state. The Wheel of Life has had a few names over the years like wheel of balance, wheel of happiness, etc. Bottom line, it can help you gauge if you have a flat spot in your life.

My Wheel of Life comparisons are below:

Action Items

  • Click on the above picture or here for the Wheel of Life Assessment.
  • Mark a dot on the line of your rating for that life domain.
    • 10 = Great/High
    • 1 = Low/Bad
  • Draw a line from dot to dot.
  • Assess if you have any flat spots.
    • If you do, set some goals to fix them.
    • Your ideal state is as round as it can be 🙂 – heading toward all 10’s.
  • If you have severe flat spots, it might be time for a life plan and a life coach.

Good Luck and enjoy the Wheel of Life assessment!