How Successful Was Your January?

January 2016 is officially over, you can’t get it back but you can learn from it if you take the time to review what happened. Life Retrospective PicThis type of review (sometimes called a retrospective) can help you adjust your actions, goals, and time management to keep you headed in the proper direction. All of us fall into the trap of plowing through our days without taking time to review or sometimes not even plan.

I thought about this quite a bit as I was repairing my elliptical machine this past weekend. What I thought would be a simple lift motor replacement on the elliptical ended up being a bigger job. The lift motor – which raises the petals up and down – locked up and broke. I had to take the machine apart to figure this out which was a job in itself, but I tore it apart to isolate the problem. I went online, ordered the part, waited a week and put the motor in – which wasn’t easy. After I put the motor in, I determined the circuit board blew when the motor locked up so I ordered that part and replaced it. Then I found out the Android tablet that controls the circuit board and motor was not booting up to the iFit application so I had to go online and chat with support to determine how to reload that. FINALLY SUCCESS!!!

It was nice to have it all together and working with a feeling of accomplishment. During this process I got the opportunity to listen to a few Andy Stanley podcasts which I was behind on. As I was listening to his podcasts a few major things jumped out at me as I was doing mechanical stuff and allowing my brain to absorb his message. The highlights that he talked about in episode X, were:

  • Are you a life preserver for you only?
  • If you are leveraging your life for you only – that is a total loss.
  • At the end of your life, what would you like people to line up and thank you for?

All deep thoughts which we should be thinking about. I was processing these questions as I was working on the treadmill and reflecting on January to determine how I was doing. Did I prioritize the right stuff?  Did I spend enough time with my wife?  Did I impact the people I came in contact with in a positive way?

Reflecting on your life in monthly increments can be very helpful to make sure you’re heading in the right direction and being as intentional as you can with your life. How successful was your January? Do a retrospective and make the appropriate adjustments.

Action Items

  • Review your January and rate yourself.
  • Did you prioritize the right things?
    • Use the 4 quadrant chart here to see if you did the important things, not just the urgent.
  • Plan February a little more intentionally.
    • Journal every morning.
    • Write down the 3 things you want to accomplish for the day.
    • Make it HAPPEN!