How Do You View Your Problems?

Rewire yourself in the New Year.

We all have problems in life. Some big, some small but keeping a healthy and open perspective wiringon your problems is important and sometime critical to achieve what we set out to accomplish. This past year was jammed packed with issues or “problems” I had to work through. Some problems if not handled properly could have messed up my life plan.

Fortunately I have a great spouse and a great life network to help keep me on track. Being intentional is one of my core values which means I have to continually challenge myself on responding to issues vs. reacting. I have 5 personal core values I recently defined through my new life plan. I am trying like heck to keep these values as my filters for my life. As we march into 2016, my core values will help me navigate my problems and life according to my priorities. Do you have defined core values in your life? My core values are:

  1. Prioritize Family
  2. Live Intentionally
  3. Have Fun
  4. Learn Forever
  5. Respect Others

I intend to keep these values for myself so I can live the life I want and handle issues or problems better this year. How do you plan on handling problems this year? Re-acting is doing what you have been doing vs. responding by design with intentionality. No one is perfect and we react to situations every day, but if you don’t like how you reacted to a situation, you have a choice to work on how you respond the next time.

You can actually change your reactions to responses – as I had to do a few years back. I actually had narcissistic tendencies a few years back and decided to do something about it. I “talked” to a few people and read about how to rewire your brain to create new neuro pathways. This allowed the hardwire reactions to develop new responses or habits in certain situations.

Here are a few bullets I am trying to rewire my brain for when I have problems for the upcoming year.

  • View the problem as a rich opportunity.
  • I need to view this problem as a learning opportunity but it will be limited by my willingness to be teachable.
  • Keep my heart and eyes open to seeing the problem from a different perspective. If I do this, the problem can loses its power to drag me down.

The New Year is going to start in 8 days. What are you going to change to be a better YOU?

Action Items

  • Don’t accept your hardwired reactions. Follow these steps to rewire what you want to change.
    • Steps to Rewire Your Brain So You Respond vs. React:
      1. Think about reactions (or habits) that you do now and which ones you would like to change.
      2. Pick 1 and practice in advance how you want to respond the next time you are in that situation.
      3. Visualize yourself responding the way you want.
      4. Go through your new response a few times and then wait for the situation to come up and see how you do.
      5. If you don’t respond the way you want, refine in your mind and keep doing that until you get it right.
  • Set Your Goals for the year using the tools from my previous blog.
  • If you’re thinking about doing a life plan, set a date to get it done.

Live intentionally and have a very Merry Christmas!!!