Half the Year is Gone – Time for 1/2 Year Check Up.

It’s official, half the year is gone and we have half the year ahead of us. It’s time to do the ½ year checkup. wingsThis half year point is easy for me to remember as my birthday is at the end of June and we celebrated it last weekend. My wife had an awesome cookout with a few friends and family members so we could enjoy some “slow time” and relax. I did some things I’ve been wanting to do like detail my car, go eat some hot wings with my daughters, and walk through a few home improvement stores just to see the new “stuff” that has come out. It is always a good reminder for me as half the year is gone and we have the last half to accomplish the things we set out to do for the year.

How are you doing with your goals? I don’t know about you, but life is moving pretty fast. I used to think of time in days, then weeks, but now it is years.

  • Are you setting goals annually that are not work related?
  • Do you have health goals in the plans for this year?
  • Have you adjusted your health goals with specific targets?
  • Do you have goals to be with the people you care about the most?
  • Are you saying yes to things you should be saying no to?

It’s time for your semi-annual check. Do the below quick check-in, let it sink in, and make the appropriate adjustments. Share with your accountability partner or friend so you hear yourself out loud.

Action Items

  • Reflect on the first six months with a journal – write down the following.
    • What you enjoyed
    • What you accomplished
    • What you feel good about
    • What you don’t feel good about
  • Review and adjust your plan for the year
  • Discuss your adjustments with your accountability partner or friend
  • Review and adjust your 5 year plan to get a longer life view

Remember, life is like an airplane flight – you are constantly adjusting the plan because of the life ‘stuff’ that comes up. Keep your eyes on the target and adjust your life, goals and action items as needed. It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years so go be intentional.