Grow or Die – My Book List 2017

Be a Learner Forever...

I feel you are either growing or you are dying and one easy way to make sure you are growing is to read. They say leaders read and readers lead so it is a good habit or goal to read 2 to 4 books a month at a minimum. For this reason, I compiled a list of books that have helped me over the years. They have shifted how I think about life, business, productivity, and time.

Most of us start working in a tactical/technical fashion then move to some level of management. If you are humble, hungry and smart, you probably have made the big jump to leadership. I found this level the biggest and most fulfilling level and could not of done it without a lot of the books below.

Action Items

  • Commit to a continual learning lifestyle – whatever that is for you. It could be business, cooking, or pure personal growth.
  • Decide how many books you are going to read a week/month and keep track of them.
  • Share your learnings on my blog, with a friend or co-worker. When you share learnings it helps to solidify that learning in your memory so you can apply in life.

Big Picture






Creating Your Life Plan

I’ve been professionally speaking for several years, but presentations are part of almost any job. Learning to do

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe you wrote a book. That is so awesome! I had respect for you the first time I met you years ago. Here’s to you my friend. You definitely found your sweet spot. Thanks for the blog, sharing your insight, and for the list of good reads. There’s nothing better than a good book 🙂

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