How Good Can You Be?

As I was growing up in the inner-city, my mind set on how to survive was based on how “tough” or “bad” I could be. Well maturity has a funny way of changing your views along with environments you are in. My wife and I decided early on that we wanted to improve the next generation beginning with our family – meaning we wanted to give more than we had and not in a material way. Although I failed on the material aspect with our family on a few occasions, I thankfully had my wife to guide me back  – see my blog on “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.  Our thoughts took into account the ripple effect of anything good that can be done will impact others we may not see.  This started the journey of a purpose bigger than us.

In one section of my life journey, I had to make a hard decision to change the culture of the company I co-founded. It was very hard but after reading many books, listening to audiobooks and podcasts on leadership, it was time to put what I learned into practice. Jim Collins book, Good to Great definitely had high impact on this turning point in my life. It was after reading this book I decided to take many of his teachings that seemed common sense and make them common practice with an execution strategy. Everyone has turning points in life, but when you make common sense activities common practice or new habits, the impact can be great.

So culture is HUGE in all aspects of life – family, business, communities, etc. Culture encompasses common core values and purpose that you and the people around you can get behind. This engages everyone to be better because they understand the purpose and the “WHY”. The WHY over the WHAT is what makes people, family, and companies strive.
So with all this new learned knowledge, I had to make a mind-shift to  “How Good Can You Be?” It was an interesting question to ask myself and it will probably be for you to if you take a moment and ask yourself.

How Good Can I Be?

  • What Thoughts come to mind?
  • What Actions do you need to change?
  • What Habits to you need to change? (remember to replace a habit with another habit for higher success rates)
  • How do I need to adjust my schedule for the week, weekend, month for positive impact?

Well, if you are like most, you need to digest this a little.  I would suggest keeping this question in the forefront of your day. Start with how good can I be today? Remember the 3 camps you live in throughout the day:

  1. You are For Someone
  2. You are Against Someone
  3. You are for Yourself

When you are on a team, you are unconsciously or consciously in one of those camp.

Action Items

  • Watch Simon Sineks WHY TED Talk, then:
    • Focus on the Why and less about the “What” and the “How”
  • Ask the question to yourself “How Good Can I Be”?
    • Journal your thoughts
    • Think of changes in actions and habits you can make for a better you.
  • Change 1 thing this week that can take you in a positive direction.
  • Do a courageous thing instead of operating in your comfort zone.

Good Luck and please leave me comments if any of my blogs are working in your life. Thanks.