Do You Own Your Day?

Or Does It Own You....

Owning your Day starts with habits before breakfast which make a huge difference on how your day and life will end up. quandrant-ccsv2 I was talking to a friend this week about time management and how he seemingly is always chasing his day. It reminded me of a blog I wrote a year ago on owning your day and what the most successful people do before breakfast. Since I read the book I incorporated a lot of the habits and they really work. How about you?

Do you feel like you are chasing your day from the start or do you own your mornings?

The book was really interesting and was documentation of actual successful people and what they really did before breakfast.

Here is the quick run down:

  1. They wake up early.
    • Like 5:30 AM , successful people know the morning time is time they can control and understand time is a precious commodity.
  2. They exercise first.
    • Taking care of yourself first is a priority. Whether it be lifting weights, cardio, or yoga it is important to do this first as it reduces stress and allows you to process better throughout the day.
  3. They work on important projects.
    • Whether business or home, they start with the important stuff, not the urgent. This allows more focus time without interruptions which means you get the important stuff done.
  4. They work on passion projects.
    • This could be personal, family, or work, but something they are passionate about so their life is not one sided. If things get one sided, anxiety can kick in and regrets of how they are living will creep in for a negative pull on their effectiveness.
  5. They spend quality time with family.
    • Depending on the stage of your family, grabbing 30-45 minutes with your spouse or children can set the tone for their day and for yours. Remember why you are working.
  6. They connect with their spouse.
    • This can be challenging but have many benefits. Taking time to talk, walk, enjoy breakfast or even workout together is time well spent.
  7. They network over coffee.
    • If you like to be home for dinner and you are limiting lunch meetings and end of day cocktail socials, networking with your key team members over coffee is an important activity.
  8. The write down things they are thankful for.
    • Getting a good perspective of what is going on can center yourself. Writing down things that you are grateful for – wins of the prior day, people, opportunities, accomplishments can change your attitude for the day. Attitude is super important as it has a direct impact on our actions.
  9. They meditate or pray.
    • Successful people are demanding of themselves and others. It is important to have a clear mind to make clear decisions. This gives them a calm before the rush of the day begins.
  10. They plan and strategize when they are fresh.
    • Planning your day, week and month is the way you get things done. When you are fresh, you see clearly and can make better priorities that align with your goals. The brain is a muscle and gets tired just like your body does. Do the important stuff like planning first.
  11. They determine high priority emails and check only those, time block the rest.
    • Email can be a huge time waster. Check for the important emails, and time block email checking throughout the day. Only process email at specific times.

So there they are, the habits of what the most successful people do before breakfast. Mornings hold the key for you taking control of your life and having significant outcomes on what you really want to accomplish. Own your morning, own your day, and own your life.  Do the action items below to take your next step.

Action Items

  • Read the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.
  • Evaluate the 11 habits.
    • Circle how many you are doing.
    • Determine which 1 or 2 you want to work into your routine.
  • Pick a date to start your 1 or 2 new habits.
  • Share your intentions with someone so there is a commitment on your part and someone to hold you accountable.
  • Print the important and urgent quadrant and think through your daily tasks and put them in the appropriate quadrants so you are prioritizing the right things.

Good Luck, own your day and own your life.