Do You Have Plan for Your Life?

it is your life...

I was talking to an executive team recently about change and life planning. It was an interesting discussion because they really didn’t know what a Life Plan was. Do you know what a Life Plan is? In the simplest explanation, it is acknowledging your priorities, reconciling your actions to see if they are aligned with your priorities, and adjusting your behaviors to live a very intentional life with expected outcomes in each domain of your life.

I have been leaning on this expected outcomes topic for a while now because I feel it is important. Time, Days, Weeks, and Months are flying by and if we don’t acknowledge our expected outcomes it could leave you with life regrets. Time is our most precious resource and we live in a world where a lot of things are pulling on our time. Our tendency is to utilize our time on the urgent stuff and not consciously prioritize the important. Most of us get up day after day and tend to do the same things we did yesterday. Go to work, come home, do some minor activities at home and go to bed, then repeat. This routine can feel like you are doing the right thing, providing for the family, doing the tasks that need to get done and so on.

Consciously deciding to own your life by creating and owning your life plan is a great first step. The first steps to get this started are:

  • Assess where you are in your life domains.
  • Understand how you got to this point.
  • Identify what is important to you – your priorities.
  • Create your mission and vision statements of where you want to go.
  • Create core values that will be your guiding principles through life.
  • Create an action plan to hold yourself accountable.

Sounds simple right? Well, you have to change a few things to change your life and direction. This can be a very fulfilling process with multiple steps. I will be sharing some tools to get you started over the next few weeks/months so you can start thinking about the changes you want to make.

Tomorrow is your choice and in 50 years your choices of today are going to matter. Minimized your regrets and be intentional about where you are going today.

Action Items

Do the Life Wheel Assessment here.

  • For each area of your life, rate it. 10=highest, 1=lowest.
  • Connect the dots.  Does your wheel have a flat spot or two?
  • That should be a clue of where to start making changes.

We will revisit this next week, but complete your own life wheel this week. Below are my Life Wheel assessments as I navigated my first and second Life Plans.  Have a great, long weekend!