Do You Have a YOU V2 You Are Creating?

There are many options to create new versions of you or new versions of attributes of yourself. pic2 It can be health, job, relationship, marriage, purpose, or whatever you deem important.

This last week my wife and I embarked on the 21 Day Fix Challenge to start our v2 of our health.  The 21 Day Fix is an educational series on nutrition and portion control along with daily intense cardio and high rep weight routines.  I heard about the exercise routines and gym experience from my good friend Scott.  In one of our meetings he peaked my interest but not enough to engage me to do anything about it.  I kept lifting my heavy weights and trying to “bulk up” as much as I could.  Then Scott mentioned going to the gym a few weeks after that meeting and then my wife started researching the details.  She did a lot of research which I’m glad she did and now we are on week 2.

The first week was awesome – although sore as heck in new muscles, and a lot of sleep time adjustments, it was well worth it.  Getting our workouts done before the sunrise and getting the encouragement and motivation from others in the gym has been great.   I have to say it is a very new experience for us.  We even did yoga which I have wanted to do for a long time and it’s starting the new momentum for my wife and I for the next chapter of life we are heading into.

We are INTENTIONALLY creating our version 2 (v2) of us, our relationship and us as individuals.  We have been talking actively about this stage of life and I have to tell you, I am pretty excited about it.  Health has always been part of my life, but doing these kind of activities with the one you love is pretty cool.

My wife and I have told our daughters many times, that you have to be a strong “you” as an individual first, then you can be with someone from a life standpoint.  When you know yourself, your values, and what you will say yes and no to, you are ready to be with someone.  I feel this is truly when 1 + 1 = 3.  Nothing else really works in my mind as there has to be a mutual respect.

Our relationship certainly hasn’t been a straight line.  Sometimes she is pulling and dragging me in the right direction for good, which I am very thankful for and sometimes the other way around.  We have many stages of life and many turning points we go through.  Have you mapped yours out?  Do you have a rough life plan to make sure you are living on purpose?  Well, it has to start with YOU being somewhere close to the top taking care of yourself.  If you don’t, you can’t help anyone else around you.

What’s your plan for you?  For me my 3 goals major categories for myself are Health, Growth, Rest.  I have always set goals at the beginning of the year, adjust throughout the year as needed and repeat.  Do you have your priorities set with the actions behind them to accomplish them?  If you don’t, start by writing them down — really with a pen and paper.  There is something to be said for writing vs. typing so give it a shot, it’s your time.

The Challenge – Create a V2 of YOU!!!

Action Items

  • Decide on what the new you looks like.
  • Put a plan together on paper to attain it.
  • Engage a friend to help you cover your blind spots and hold you accountable.
  • Do A Life Plan?
  • Get Healthy – start small and keep the momentum.
  • If you have a spouse, try to engage with them on another level.
    • Sometimes it’s working out.
    • Sometimes it’s listening better (really listening and not cutting them off in mid-sentence).
    • Sometimes it could be simple time, walks, or date nights.

Good Luck with your V2 and Just Start Something Today!!!

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