Do You Have a Trigger Word for You?

To change your mindset and actions...

Do you have a trigger word that makes you pause, take a breath, and redirect your actions? There is a lot of hype on trigger words as they are used in marketing to help you take action, click on a button, or go to a website. They have been around forever in the traditional marketing sense. However, having a trigger word to help guide you with your actions and mindset daily can be very helpful.

Years ago I came up with a few but the one that is a guidepost for me is RESPECT. I came up with this word during one of my retrospective sessions on a meeting I held. A retrospective, generally is a look back at events that took place, or work that were produced, in the past. I like to do retrospectives so I am not making the same mistakes in life or at work. So at one meeting post review/retrospective I noticed that disrespect from me and others kept coming up. I’m not sure how it came up, but now it is one of my major key trigger words.

When I see someone being disrespectful or I am being disrespectful it triggers me to pause and address why disrespect is in the equation. This has helped me quite a bit to stop a conversation that could of went really bad. So do you have a trigger word to help you take pause and evaluate your thoughts or actions?

Action Items

  • Do a retrospective on a meeting or event you had yesterday
  • Determine if there were actions or words you did or say that you would do differently
  • Create a trigger word for yourself to make you take pause and rethink the action or mindset you are in
  • Make your new trigger word part of you to be a better you