Do You Drive Into Storms?

Address what needs to be addressed...

Do you drive into storms or have crucial conversations when needed?  I have talked about this concept with my friends, my family, and co-workers for a while now. I just heard it again when I was listening to a book called – Take the Stairs.  The simple fact is if there is an issue whether big or small, do you put it off or do you drive right into it?  I recently learned that Colorado is one of the few states that have buffalo and cows in it.  Well, it turns out when a storm is coming from the west over the rocky mountain range, the cows start to run from it.  The storm usually catches them and they stay in it for a long time.  The buffalo wait for the storm to hit the mountain tops and run right into it and right through it.  They minimize their time in the storm by charging right into it.

When I help other with this concept and working through issues they may have, I simply state, “let’s drive into the storm”.  It can be a hard conversation with a client, a mistake they made, or just a tough situation that needs to be addressed. It is better just to get it done vs “stewing on it”.  If you don’t address the issue, it usually consumes a lot of extra energy and can create a negative energy around you.

I recently helped my daughter sell something on Amazon and it ended up it was missing a part.  We received an email from the buyer who was rather upset and let us know that.  She got upset after reading the email and shared her feelings with me. I suggested we talk through and respond appropriately.  The facts were the buyer was right, so we took a few minutes responded politely that we would look for the part and let him know that our character and integrity are very important to us.  He replied and pseudo apologized or explained why he was upset which made sense.  It ended up we did not find the part so I offered to refund his money. He responded it was ok and he would just keep it without any kind of refund necessary.  It was a good opportunity to apply some common sense approaches that we sometime don’t make common practice. A few key learnings that we applied were:

  1. To Respond vs. React –formulate calm responses with thought out words
  2. Drove into the Issue (or Storm) – did not wait to respond too long as it would just build up anxiety in us.
  3. Keep Your Character through our Actions – Doing the right thing is always best in the long run. We would of refunded all the money.

Trust yourself, be aware of your gut feelings and don’t ignore them. Good luck and keep your anxiety down by addressing what needs to be addressed.

Action Items

  • Practice Driving into Storms
  • Do the Hard and Uncomfortable Task First (first thing in the morning)
  • If you are a Reactive person, when you want to vent – make yourself take 5 minutes before you respond
  • Know the difference between Aggressive and Assertiveness
    •  When it’s going to bug you the next day – you need to be assertive and do something about it
    • If it goes away– let it, your reaction would considered aggressive and that is usually destructive