Have You Discovered a New Emotion Lately?

Do You Control Your Day or Does it Control You?  AbbyDad Wedding DanceSeriously, when is the last time you discovered a new emotion? Well I did this past weekend when we celebrated our oldest daughter’s wedding in Nashville TN. Wow, what a week with a lot of emotions in full swing for my wife and I. It was the first wedding of the Sroda family and it was a great time celebrating it with my wife, and our daughters. That being said, there were a lot of emotions including some new ones that I hadn’t experienced yet.

The picture shows me dancing with my first baby who is now a young lady. I picked the song My Little Girl by Tim McGraw.  If you haven’t listened to the words and you have a daughter, beware. We all have bittersweet turning points in life and for me, this was a big one.

So back to the question, when is the last time you experienced a new emotion and stopped to reflect on it. I think it is safe to say, we experience emotional highs and lows through our life at different points, but the key is to stop and take the time to reflect, appreciate and learn from them. Slowing down and reflecting on where you are going, what you are feeling, and what you want to be proud of in life is something you should be intentional about. Most people don’t take time to reflect – let alone think or plan what they really want to accomplish in life.

Starting your day with some type of routine (maybe journaling, reflection, quiet time or planning) is what the most successful people do. I wrote a blog about controlling your day which is a good place to start if you want to create a positive habit in your life.

Look for the gems in your life that you may be overlooking because you are too busy.

Action Items

  • Journal Daily
    • Reflect on emotions, feelings, and thoughts that are important – so you get what’s in your head down on paper so you can process appropriately.
  • Read my blog on controlling your day.
  • Know your Love Languages
    • There are 5 – Touch, Time, Tasks, Words of Affirmation, and Gifts.
    • Know yours and your spouse’s if you have one – it will do wonders.
  • Do Your Own Life Plan.
    • Use this template to get started – it is life changing.
    • Knowing your envisioned future in your life domains will minimize your regrets.

Good Luck and Create a New Habit Today!!!