Are you a Destination or a Journey Person?

Are you a Destination or a Journey Person?  So life is a journey, right? Well, that’s what I believe — and I tell my family and friends all the time. And because I believe it I’ve actually have changed my thinking around normal activities. When we used to go on vacations, my family and I would have the destination point as the beginning of the vacation. We changed that a few years back and now when we pull out of the garage – GirlsInTruck0we say a quick prayer and state the vacation begins now so let’s start enjoying it. The journey is part of the vacation which changed our mindset a lot. Everything that happens on the journey is an experience that you can enjoy.

I didn’t always believe this and usually was in a rush to get to our destination so I could “relax”. That is totally wrong! When our kids were little, we used to go up to Green Bay Wisconsin to visit my brother. I would get very frustrated with 3 little girls having to stop at every opportunity to go to the bathroom. It seemed to add hours on the trip and all I could think of when we stopped was all the cars that I just passed – were now passing me. Again, a wrong thought.

One year, I had a genius idea. We’d bring a training potty chair with us so the girls could just go in that instead of stopping. Brilliant! So we started the trip and about one hour into our travels, near Chicago, one of the girls had to go. I slowed down to about 50, my wife crawled into the back of our expedition and all went well. Then I told my wife that I’d slow down to 30 and she could throw it out the window (just pee), and all would be good. What I didn’t anticipate was it blowing back in all over my wife.

I was shocked and couldn’t say a word. It was a cold, long, non-talkative rest of the trip :).  Since then I have been a journey guy.

I tell you this because the concept of enjoying “the journey” applies at home and at work. In your personal life, you should have a life plan as discussed in my last blog. In your professional life, you should have a business plan with objectives, timelines and a technology roadmap that are aligned. The key is to consciously make the plans, execute the plan, and enjoy the journey of doing the tasks to accomplish your goals.

You will always have “crap” to deal with in life.   I call this the crap factor and tell all my friends and colleagues that we will all have about 20% crap during our week that we need to expect and be ready to handle. It could be 1 day, it could be 2 half days, etc. Just get your expectations right and then you wont be disappointed when you have your crap moments – and just move through them.

Life and business are about making decisions and adjusting. Enjoy the journey.


    • Have a life plan for your personal life
    • Have a business plan including a technology roadmap for your professional life
    • Adjust your expectation for the 20% crap factor (don’t take it home)
    • Become an “enjoy the journey” person – work on it, it may take a little time
    • For the love of Mary – don’t throw pee out a window while going 30+ mph or higher.

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