Do You Have YOU at the Center of Your 2018 Goals?

I was talking with a friend about their 2018 goals and there were some big missing components revolving around themselves. We can all set goals for 2018, but do you have YOU at the center of your goals? I asked for clarification on some of the goals but it was clear they were missing goals specifically for them. I suggested using the acronym “PIES” to help guide them to ensure they keep a solid self so they can accomplish their 2018 goals. The acronym “PIES” stands for:

P – Physical (Health)

I – Intellectual (Mental Health)

E – Emotional (Expand and Cultivate Healthy Emotional Awareness and Engagement)

S – Spiritual (Faith or Belief Structure)

To accomplish our goals, we have to perform activities that cultivate health and replenish our energy. If you optimize activities that replenish yourself, you can have more energy to be fully engaged, be present, be productive and creative in all domains of your life.

The better we know what replenishes us, the more productive we will be for ourselves and everyone around us. In fact, if we practice replenishment activities regardless of what season of life we are in, we will be better spouses, parents, co-workers, and friends.

Here are some examples of activities that could replenish you:

  • Exercising 5 times a week
    • Cardio, Weights, Yoga
  • Education
    • Reading 30 Minutes a Day
    • Podcasting 3 times a week
  • Morning Routines
    • Faith/Bible Readings
    • Journaling
  • Walks/Hikes
    • 1 to 2 times a week
  • Date Nights with your spouse, friends, kids
  • Quarterly and Annual Vacations

Taking care of yourself before others or goals can help you accomplish what you want in life and help others accomplish what they want in life. Own your life and Own your 2018!!!

Action Items

  • Write down what replenishes YOU.
    • Remember the “PIES” acronym so you are replenishing all domains of YOU.
  • Commit to a routine weekly, monthly, or quarterly that replenishes you.
    • Put it on the calendar to hold yourself accountable.
  • Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound(Deadline)).

Own YOUR 2018 and Best of Luck – Take Care of YOU!!!!

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One thought on “Do You Have YOU at the Center of Your 2018 Goals?

  1. Great post, Craig. The PIES acronym will help me remember the most important areas as I plan for a successful 2018. I also establish a “word” of the year to keep me focused. 2017’s word was “focus” and 2018 is actually a phrase: “Only the best.” As I make PIES choices, I’m going to make them the highest quality possible. Thanks for your help in setting up for a great new year!