Are You Planning Your Life For 2016?

Free Life Plan Template

I just finished doing my second life plan and the process was heavy, deep, exhausting and motivating. It took 20 hours in 2 days, 32 flip charts, and lots of digging deep in my heart and my head. 20151216_220047924_iOSCompleting my life plan is part of the process for accomplishing one of my 2016 goals which is to be life plan certified through the Patterson Group. Actually my wife and I are going to get our certifications together to accomplish one of our missions together which is to help people live on purpose with minimal regrets.

Part of this process is to have someone walk you through the process and help you determine your life roadmap. Fortunately I had a good friend, Mark Meyer, help me with this and it was a very satisfying process in many perspectives, but the main reason is feeling like I am thinking about who I truly want to be and what really is important.

I did my first life plan on my own in 2011. Although the process was straight forward, it took dedicated time, thought, and a lot of soul searching. I recommend starting here if you can’t afford to have a life plan facilitator help you. Normally these life plans cost $3,000 which is what I did on my second life plan. I will include a link to my self-paced life plan below.

How Do You View Your Problems?

Rewire yourself in the New Year.

We all have problems in life. Some big, some small but keeping a healthy and open perspective wiringon your problems is important and sometime critical to achieve what we set out to accomplish. This past year was jammed packed with issues or “problems” I had to work through. Some problems if not handled properly could have messed up my life plan.

Fortunately I have a great spouse and a great life network to help keep me on track. Being intentional is one of my core values which means I have to continually challenge myself on responding to issues vs. reacting. I have 5 personal core values I recently defined through my new life plan. I am trying like heck to keep these values as my filters for my life. As we march into 2016, my core values will help me navigate my problems and life according to my priorities. Do you have defined core values in your life? My core values are:

  1. Prioritize Family
  2. Live Intentionally
  3. Have Fun
  4. Learn Forever
  5. Respect Others

4 Step Secret to Live Intentional with Your Phone

My wife and I were in a restaurant last week and the person waiting on us commented on my phone case. phone picAs you can see from the picture, it is a picture of our family which I like to keep with me all the time. I know we can pull up pictures on our phones, but when I simply can turn my phone over and there they are it puts a smile on my face.

The cool part of what I am going to tell you is I did not purchase my phone case with the picture – I made it. Below are the 4 quick steps to make your own custom phone case with whatever you want to have in your face. A lot of people like to have their family picture on the back, but it can be your priorities, your life plan summary, goals for year, your core values, your mission statement, or whatever you want it to be.

4 Steps to Your Custom Phone Case

  1. Purchase a phone case with a clear back. Sample Cases – iPhone 5 , iPhone 6
  2. Print a Picture on 4×6 paper or 4×6 photo stock. (regular paper can work too)
  3. Put case over picture and trace on the outside and cut the picture to fit in the case with camera hole.
  4. Slip picture in phone case and snap phone in.

You Don’t Plan to Fail – You Fail to Plan

Tools for 2016 Planning - 23 Days Left

You really don’t plan to fail, you just fail to plan.  IUB GirlsMy wife and daughters have heard me say this a thousand times. Planning and failing can work for you or against you. One thing for sure is your odds of achieving what you want are a lot better with a plan. As we run into 2016, it’s time to pull out the planning tools and really take the time to write down what you want to accomplish and put a plan behind it so you do.

December is a big planning month for me because if you don’t plan your week and your year, someone will do that for you. You need to own your life, not follow it. I have pulled together the tools I use to put 2016 in the cross hairs so you can plan your life and accomplish the things you want in 2016.

As you use these tools, remember to keep the 5 domains of your life in mind as you want to have goals that include all 5. The life domains are:

  1. Personal
  2. Family
  3. Vocation
  4. Faith
  5. Community

As you work on your plans using the tools, try to keep in mind where you make your biggest contribution. This is where you are strong, productive, and the happiest. The planning tools I use are below.

Action Plans

Are You Playing to Your Strengths?

Do this checklist checkup to see…

Do you really know if you are playing to your natural strengths in all aspects of your life?  Many people don’t really know what their natural wiring is.  We all have ideas of what we think we are good at, but why wouldn’t you know for sure?

I am facilitating an all-day exercise for Executive Forums this week to a great group of people to explore how the world sees them.   The groups will be made up of over 100 business owners, key executives, college presidents, and nonprofits.  All of us should all be seeking to continually understand ourself as we are changing human beings, but our core strengths do not change.  The more you are self-aware the better off you can be and build habits to support your strengths.

Do this checklist evaluation to see if you are operating in your strengths. 

How’s Your Moral Compass?

Well it’s the last day of quarter 3 moral compassfor 2015.  Wow, time is flying and it’s time for a checkup to see if your feet are pointed in the right direction.  A big part of your moral compass is who you are “hanging” around with.  As I mentioned in my previous post, my wife and I started working out in the AM at Dan V.’s gym.  It’s refreshing to see the type of people that are doing life on purpose for a purpose. We are into our 3rd week and you can just feel the type of people in the room.  Wanting to improve themselves, help others, and seemingly help others they come in contact with.  It definitely is a positive way to start the day.

The people we hang around with can impact our attitude,

Did You Ever Ask Someone to Hold Your Rock of Responsibility?

Did you ever ask someone to hold your rock of responsibility and never take it back?  CSTS-TaborHillI did this to my wife when we started our family and the business.  It was a conscious decision when we started having our family 22 years ago. The plan was for me to go to work so we could pay the bills and my wife was going to stay home, raise our family and take care of the house.

Well fast forward a little – I was going to work and started our business but looking back the workload wasn’t even.  I asked her to carry too many “rocks” of responsibility and never took them back or at least help carry them.  The house maintenance along with everything else was too much and it caused some tension in our relationship.

My First Book – Intentional Living and Leadership is Ready!

Consciousness Choice and Planning for Success

Life should be more than a series of situations in which you find yourself. IntentionalLiving3D-CCSIt should be more than a string of events in which you are a passive observer taking a reactionary stance. Intentional living requires that you act, that you decide, that you choose.

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I love the feedback I receive.  I feel I am helping others live their life on purpose, take actions toward the life they want and prioritize the right things. So earlier this year I embarked on creating a short book of “nuggets” called Intentional Living and Leadership to help anyone I can.  I’m excited to let everyone know it is out in all the major outlets including eBook format.

I had to apply a lot of what I blog about on this book project.  I had to push myself out of my comfort zone, fight the perfectionism issue remembering perfection is the enemy of progress, and rely on others so I could stay in my sweet spot.  Below is the book introduction and about the book.  Check it out here.

Book Introduction

Intentional living—the conscious choice to create your life, to respond rather than react, to chart your own course both professionally and personally—is an amazing thing. However, it’s also difficult to achieve.

Can You Go Without Your Phone for a Day?

84% of mobile users claim they could not go a single day without their phone or devices. 67% of users check their phone regularly, ipad2even when they don’t notice it ringing or vibrating. Almost half have of those users slept with their phones next to their bed to make sure they didn’t miss any calls.

How do you stack up against these scenarios? Can you unplug so you can unwind? We live in this connected world, but it is important for us to disconnect so we can refuel. Knowing when to power down can free up time to unwind and lead to a balanced life. Stop the excuses and just go “dark” and be so you can reflect on where you are going and who you want to be.

Action Items

What is Your One Sentence of Your Life?

Do you have one sentence that is your life? I was out with a good friend and we were discussing legacy legacyImage3and what it meant to each of us. I asked him what his legacy without ego will be. He looked at me and had to dig a little deeper. The without “ego” means without the material things – cars, buildings with your name on it, etc. I know this gets a little deep, but thinking about your legacy must be intentional so the question is:

How will you outlive your life?

This question is directly linked to who you are going to influence and who are you going to have impact on for good. At some point, the need or feeling to help others and give back gets stronger, if not you may want to take a second look at your purpose and determine if it’s only about you? We all know people that make a difference in the lives of those in their family, friends, and communities and we also know those people who are more concerned about themselves than anyone else. Which one are you?