If You Had a Camera On You- Would You Act Different?

If you really had a camera on you – recording your every move – would you act differently in situations? CameraIt’s a good question that we all should acid test to ensure we are living the life we want. Our actions should be in sync with our beliefs – otherwise we are in a state of cognitive dissonance.

I think about this sometimes to check myself. I want my wife and daughters to be proud of me if one of their friends saw me in public with friends, co-workers, or anyone else. We all should know what we stand for, what we are going to say yes and no to, and how we want to treat others.  But are you doing that 100% of the time? If you were secretly being filmed, would your actions be different?

  • If you were out to dinner or at a bar with friends without your spouse or person you are dating, would you act differently if he or she was there?
    • What if he or she was filming you, would they be proud of you?
    • Would they be surprised at your words or actions?
  • Are you responding to others with respect in a way your kids or circle of influence would appreciate you?

Our circle of influence can be huge and the ripple affect can impact many people we don’t even know. Having fun with friends is certainly not the same as going out on a date, but maintaining your character so your beliefs, ideas, and values are consistent is important. When these are not in sync with your actions – you should feel uncomfortable. This is normal and it is that bad, gut feeling we get when we are not supporting who we are.

Don’t ignore that uncomfortable feeling when you are not living the life you want. That is YOUR warning sign. No one is perfect in this world, so when you feel the mental stress or that uncomfortable feeling, stop and fix it – fast!  If you can’t fix it, put a plan together so you don’t repeat the action. Live your life on purpose and how you want. You don’t want to have to leave out pieces of your story when you are telling it.

Action Items

  • Pretend you have a camera on you at your:
    • Next company meeting.
    • Meeting with friends out in public.
    • Date with your spouse.
    • Talking or spending time with your kids.
  • Think about what you did differently.
    • Did your words change?
    • Did your actions change?
    • Was your heart in a different spot?

Good Luck and stay true to yourself. Your character is something only you can give away.  No one can take it from you – so protect it with all your might.