Blind Spots – Who’s Watching Yours?

We all have blind spots in life and business,  30% to be exact.  That means almost 1/3 of our life we can use someone else weighing in to validate Blind Spot Mirrorwhat we see and what we are thinking.  The key is to get them exposed by someone that you can trust and who can keep you accountable.

I was out with a colleague a few weeks ago who is a very successful businessman.  Now our definition of success is very important.  If you define success as running businesses for many years, dropping profit to the bottom line, and having the material things you want in life, then you could consider yourself a success.

For me, SUCCESS IS – having a life of purpose, striving for life balance, prioritizing the right things, and “giving” in proportion to “taking”.  I value time more than I ever have.

So back to my meeting, when I asked my colleague:

Who is keeping you accountable?

The answer was no one, so I pressed further.

Do you have a group that you “hang in” that you are the dumbest in? 

He looked at me a little funny, but said no.

I get it, as an entrepreneur and CEO for 18 years, the motivated/narcissistic personality person does not look for affirmation much less to be the dumbest in a group of people.  It was a weird question but if you are always the driver how are you learning from others.  So I pressed further – do you listen to podcasts, read blogs, audio books, read books, etc.?  The funny look I received gave me my answer.  For the executive or leader of a company, it is important to have someone exposing your blind spots, helping advise you on business, technology and life balance because if that is out of balance you will just burn out.  The life accountability may be a different person, but it should be covered for sure.

I decided to pull together a list of books, blog sites, and podcasts that would be helpful for my now friend which I have listed below and created a pdf with links to download.

It is important to expose your blind spots so you get a different viewpoint.

  • For Life – it may be a personal friend or life coach
  • Do the Life Plan eBook below – it will help you prioritize and decide your activities in advance
  • For Business – it may be a board of directors, technology committee, steering committee, leadership team, or business coach

Whatever you do, just keep exposing your blind spots and seeking someone to expose them.   It could be from the attached reference list – podcasts, blogs, e-books, audio books, books or a person/accountability partner.  Remember you grow out of your comfort zone and REMEMBER it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

A few quotes I tell me daughters often that I like to refer to are:

  • the purpose of life is a life of purpose
  • you don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan
  • leaders read and readers lead
  • realization of your life moving from SUCCESS to SIGNIFICANCE is a life and maturity thing.  Embrace it and the sooner you get to significance the better your life will be (no ego allowed)


Link to  My Learning Reference Guide for download here – Craig Reference Guide v1

I included it below for quick reference with this post.

Craig’s Reference for Growth and Blind Spot Exposure (will continually change)

What (Who) Type Focus Link
EntreLeadership(Dave Ramsey) Podcast Business and Life Subscribe with your podcast app
This is Your Life(Michael Hyatt) Podcast Leadership Subscribe with your podcast app
Your Move(Andy Stanley) Podcast Faith and Life Subscribe with your podcast app
EntreLeadership Blog Subscribe/Read
This is Your Life Blog Subscribe/Read
Seth Godin Blog Subscribe/Read
Create Your Life Plan(Michael Hyatt) eBook Life Planning to Determine Priorities
Good to Great(Jim Collins) Books/Audio Book Business Foundation and Culture Good to Great
Great by Choice(Jim Collins) Books/Audio Book Business Foundation and Attitude Great by Choice
The AdvantagePatrick Lencioni Books/Audio Book Business Leadership and Teams The Advantage
Tribes(Seth Godin) Books/Audio Book Marketing Genius Tribes
The Rockefeller Habits(Verne Harnish) Books/Audio Book Business Strategy and Team Building The Rockefeller Habits
How great leaders inspire action(Simon Sinek) TED TalksOnline Speakers Sinek TED Link


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