Are Your Goals Aligned with Your Chapter of Life?

Wow, what a week to start out 2016. We moved our youngest daughter into college and our oldest daughter got engaged. AbbyEngage Emily IUBTwo major events in two days and it was only 8 days into the New Year! My wife and I started our journey down to Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana, then to Louisville to have dinner with some friends, then off to Nashville, TN for our daughter’s engagement celebration surprise. It was a great road trip with a lot of emotions around each stop.

My wife and I were able to have some great conversations and had time to reflect on what chapter of life our daughters are in and where we are as a couple. As I have stated in some previous blogs, my wife and I have been actively working on Version 2 of us and now that we are “empty nesters”, it’s fun to see things unfold for us and for our daughters.

We tried to be very aware of who our daughters were “hanging” around with as well as who we were surrounding ourselves with as this can be a big influence on who you become. No matter how you stack it, the people you “hang” around with have influence on you in many ways. It’s neat to see our daughters become young ladies of positive influence whether they totally realize it or not.

Our oldest daughter, Abby, moved to Nashville almost 3 years ago and went through a few trials but she always knew who she was and what she stood for. She has a great group of friends, great church, and now a spouse-to-be with a great family and community around her. We all have heard “you receive what you put out” a million times, but it is neat to see it in action. We are grateful for the new Nashville family we are part of and look forward to getting to know them better and watch our daughter’s next chapter begin. Chapters in life can be intentional if you do a little planning. Sometimes it’s just a few things to start.

For me, a few things in 2016 I want to be intentional about are:

  • Being the best husband I can be.
  • Being the best dad I can be.
  • Being a positive influence with whomever I come in contact with.
  • Working like crazy to being 100% when it comes to protecting my core values.

How about you, what are the few key things you are striving to be in 2016? Just start with a few to get the ball rolling. Looking back and seeing a lot of the intentionality my wife and I had about our family is very rewarding. It’s never too late to start being intentional about your life and others around you.

Action Items and Thoughts

  • Do you know what you want to accomplish in 2016?
  • Do you know your core values?
    • Do you know what you will say yes and no to?
  • Do you know who you are hanging out with?
  • Are you the dumbest in one of your groups?
    • You need to be to keep learning and keep a humbleness about yourself.
  • Do you have a rouged-in life plan and know your priorities?

Good Luck and remember to enjoy the journey and watch the chapters of life turn.