Are You Tracking Milestones or Finish Lines?

I am working on adjusting my check lists and goals to milestones vs. finish lines.  mini3If you are like me, you set goals, you like to check things off a list, and simply accomplish things daily, weekly and in your overall life.  Well I was listening to the entreleadership podcast and they were interviewing Gretchen Rubin.  She was discussing creating habits in your life that continue on vs. being checked off.

The premise of the conversation was if you have a finish line, you usually don’t continue with that habit. She stated setting milestones vs. finish lines is how you really should be thinking especially when it comes to goals and habits.  I related to this with my annual ½ marathon target/goal.  I used the milestone mentally when I was running the race and did set each mile as a milestone with specific times I wanted to hit and that worked.  The bigger picture problem was that I only set 1 race a year and my training was only preparing me for that race and not the bigger goals which was to be healthy and run throughout the year.  Of course my training dropped off after the race.

I am rethinking my goal setting and challenging myself to see if my goals are milestones or finish lines.  Initially I thought that some of them were definitely finish lines, but finish lines to what.  It seems like goals tie directly to the journey we are on so everything can somewhat be tied to milestones.  Aligning these milestone wins to your life plan will help you be intentional about where your feet are pointed and where you end up.

Creating habits in life that are in sync with your goals and your life plan will ultimately lead you to your plan of a successful life – whatever your definition of success is.  Working on your habits is your starting point.  People are where they are today because of their habits – both good and bad.  By creating good habits with clear goals, you will live the life you want and live a prosperous life.

Your habits will determine 95% of your behavior.

Action Items

  • Review your Habits.
  • Identify the habits you want to keep or improve.
    • Create goals and a detailed plan of how you are going to accomplish the improvements.
    • Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T.
  • Identify the habits you want to stop and come up with a details plan and timeline.
    • Remember baby steps, one at a time with milestone celebrations along the way.
  • Relate your day to these 7 habits of successful people:
    • Be Goal Oriented
    • Be Result Oriented
    • Be Action Oriented
    • Be People Oriented
    • Be Health Oriented
    • Stay Honest
    • Be Self-Disciplined
      • This is the KEY HABIT. This one guarantees all the others.
    • Have a Life Plan – all these habits should be taking you where you want to go.

Good Luck, create habits for yourself that align with where you want to be.