Are You Prioritizing the Right Things?

Prioritizing the right things can be difficult for many of us. 20151126_225205000_iOSThis past Thanksgiving weekend, my wife and I had a great opportunity to prioritize our family. Our 2 daughters came home and besides our youngest daughter having to work black Friday hours, we were together which was great. I wrote a blog a few weeks ago on the 2 unique things we can be – a spouse and a parent. This past weekend reminded me of this and my wife and I had one of the nicest weekends as friends and as parents.

As I reflect on the weekend, it feels like our family is on the next chapter. My wife and I have recreated our relationship and we are having a great time as friends. Applying this next chapter or version 2 (v2) of our family is a pleasant surprise for us. During the week we prioritized just doing things together – black Friday shopping, sushi, and even staying up late cooking and playing games with the whole crew – boyfriends and friends included.

Goals are good and I feel everyone should have them, but quality time with family and being genuine is in another class of goals – it is living on purpose without trying to control everything. Do you try to control your days all the time? If so, you might consider having a rough idea of a day and go with whatever happens. We have enough of our life planned for us, so relax a bit and enjoy the journey of whatever happens.

Action Items

  • Verify Your Priority List.
  • Review the past 90 days to verify you ARE prioritizing where you spend your time.
    • My Priorities are:
      • God, Me (Health, Growth, Rest), Wife, Daughters, Friends, Extended Family, Career, Finances, Ministry.
  • Verify you are making decisions based on your priorities.
    • This means you prioritize family over friends?
  • Verify you are controlling your day to be intentional about your priorities.

Good Luck and remember you don’t want to live with regrets.