Are You Preserving Your Life for You Only?

Are you holding back or preserving part of you for only you? Are you leveraging the lessons Sun Beamyou learned through all your experiences for only you? A lot of people do this and it can be a waste if you don’t apply all the lessons you learned to help others.

I mentioned in my previous blogs, my wife and I are Version 2 of our relationship. We re-invented it because we knew we were going to be empty-nesters (which just recently happened) and we wanted to be intentional about our life and our relationship.

So many times Round 1 or Version 1 of life is about us and things we HAVE to do – which is natural.  Many of us are just trying to “make it”, survive, be successful or just get to the point where we can be self-sufficient. Round 1 is usually packed with a lot of lessons, experiences, and pain which is part of the plan to make us more complete and mature.

How are you doing with sharing your lessons? Do you feel you can share to help others? So many time we are scared to share real experiences because we feel we may be judged. This can be true, but on the other hand, it is just a waste if you went through lessons – whether good or bad – and no one else benefits from your journey. If you see someone going down a path that you know very well and you know the outcome could be a bad one, do you jump in, dive into the situation and help? Or do you turn your head and walk the other way?

At the end of this life, we all want people to thank us for contributing something to their life. What do you want people to line up for and thank you for after you are gone? Being intentional about your life and helping others should be part of your plan. It’s never too late to start.

Action Items

  • Inventory your experiences – both good and bad.
    • Put stars by the ones that you could probably help people with in life today.
    • Put pluses by the ones you would like to help people navigate.
    • Circle one item and look for someone that you can help and just do it.
  • Write down what you would like people to line up and thank you for after you are gone.

Good luck and remember life is not all about you. It’s about you and helping others through the experiences that made you – you!!!