Are You Keeping a Good Perspective on Your Life?

This can be a trick question if you don’t have the right views to see things you need to see. haleakala1My wife and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary this week. We were hiking a few days ago at Iao State Park in Maui, HI and we really enjoyed it and were talking about how fast things have gone. We are actively creating the version 2 of our relationship and we both are pretty excited about it. We are helping each other through growth, uncomfortable life zones, and just experiences.

So the big test was today 11-3-2015. We decided we were going to hike Mount Haleakala in Maui. So we got up early, drove 1 hour to the base and started up the mountain/volcano. So here is where it got interesting. There were what felt like hundreds of hair pin turns and switch backs on the side of this mountain.

My wife and I are not crazy about heights, but I gripped the wheel tight and kept driving. The first sign was 3,400 ft, then 5,000, then 8,000 or somewhere around that and let’s say we were not comfortable. We kept pushing up to almost 9,600 feet where the visitor’s center was and we got out. Crap – it was cold, like 56 degrees vs the 85 we just came from a few hours ago. We needed to take a break, assess how each other were feeling so we can help each other navigate what to do next. This is the caring part of the relationship, at least ours. Needless to say, we got out, took some pictures and decided that hiking was not going to happen today.

We had to chalk this up to an experience on our journey and tried to enjoy the ride down. What was nice about this experience looking back is although we were stressed out a bit, and disappointed, we kept our perspective on the situation. When we left Indiana, we said a prayer together and prayed for us to enjoy the journey and enjoy each other.

So how are you doing with perspective and the journey you are on?

Action Items

  • Are you keeping a good perspective on your life?
    • Work
    • Spouse
    • Family
    • Health
  • What decisions are you making that are creating the chapters of your life?
    • Good Decisions
    • Bad Decision
  • When you tell your story, do you have to leave out parts because of bad decisions you have made?
    • It’s ok as long as you are not repeating them and not making bad decisions on purpose.
  • Be extremely careful of the decisions you are making because you are writing the story of your life.
    • Decide in advance as much as possible.
  • Write the following statement down where you can see it every day.
    • Your Decisions = Outcomes = Part of Your Story = Your Life Story

Good luck and be intentional about your decisions and your life.

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  1. Great blog post…made me really think about things. Love your thoughts on keeping things in perspective when the unexpected happens.

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