Are You Committed?

Are you committed 100% to anything in your life? CSTSGolf3Commitment is a unique word and I don’t know if we use it enough today. I was recently out with a good friend and we were reflecting on our time of 25 years as friends. We were discussing the good, the bad, and more importantly what we learned from our experiences. The most important topic was where are we going and why? After a long discussion of options and brainstorming, I brought up the word commitment.

It seemed like there was a lack of commitment in certain areas of life as we discussed certain topics. I pressed into these areas and push for what level of commitment he had and why. We got to some root causes with some action items for the areas of life he mentally made a commitment to improve and be ALL IN.

How about you?  Are you somewhat committed to certain areas of your life? If so, do you know why you are not all in? Too often we don’t live our priorities. Do you know your priorities and are your actions corresponding to those priorities?

Last week I blogged about assessing how you are doing in your life domains by using the simple life wheel I created. I would suggest you do this assessment and if you are heavy in one domain and light in another area, commit to taking steps to fix the areas where you are dangerously low. It may take counseling, doing your life plan, changing a job, having hard discussions with your kids or friends, or driving into some hard activities that you have been putting off. Living your life on purpose means proactively thinking about what you want to look back on and be proud of. Decide in advance and start living your intentional life today!!!

Action Items

  • Determine what you are 100% committed to in your life.
  • Do the Life Wheel Exercise.
  • Make changes, even the hard ones.

Be 100% and be all in for living your life on purpose.