Are You Celebrating the Right Stuff?

My wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and we had a blast. CSTSWinery2015We always try to take a week off and take time to celebrate our relationship. We have been discussing the version 2 of us for a while now and it is really cool to see the results of being intentional about each other. In order for us to get to the next level or version of us I had to come to grips on a few realties.

  • She is not me.
  • We don’t process things the same way.
  • She is FOR me.
  • She is FOR our family.
  • We are not who we were when we got married.

Now “stew” on that one for a bit. We all have our natural strengths, we have core values that mature over time, but maturity coupled with experience makes us more complete every year. Embracing our growth and change is something that has propelled our relationship exponentially. For us, we wanted to keep the things that made us who we are AND embrace the new person we are continually becoming.

We have all heard a person say – I wish I was 20 again or I feel like I’m 20 or worse – act like it. This isn’t necessarily bad to have feelings of being 20 or whatever your number is because this can keep your life full of energy and motivation to live right. What you don’t want to do is participate in activities that lead to regrets.

Embracing life with my wife on the new chapter we are on is super crazy great. I love her more than ever and our relationship feels like we just got married. How are you doing with your spouse or relationships in your life?

Are your embracing or fighting change? Celebrate the good stuff and live on purpose.

Action Items

  • Create version 2 of you. (not midlife stuff, just the next better version of you)
  • Create version 2 of your relationship with your spouse.
  • Prioritize weekly date nights.
  • Prioritize being respectful – words really matter.
  • Prioritize just hanging out without a specific purpose but being together.

Good Luck and get after version 2 of YOU!!!