How To Be Fulfilled Every Day?

Success is NOT Fullfillment...

I have been catching up on some Tony Robbins podcasts and books which I have really enjoy. One thing he states over and over is “Success Without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure”. I help people with life plans and they usually want to do a life plan when they are not fulfilled. They can be extremely successful at work and other domains of their life, but usually one domain is off AND they are not fulfilled.

I feel a lot of people think they will be fulfilled when they reach a certain point in the vocation domain (aka job/career). I’ve heard it like:

  • When I have $X in the bank
  • When I get this promotion
  • When I make $X in compensation

Fulfillment is About Gratitude, Celebration and Contribution. What I do know is fulfillment is not something in the future, or when you achieve a goal, it can start right now!!! Here is what I have learned HOW to begin the journey of being fulfilled every day:

1.  Start each day with GRATITUDE. Starting and owning your morning routine is probably one of the best gifts you can give yourself besides the gift of self-awareness.

  • Take 5 minutes and meditate on 3 things you are grateful for (people, events, goals, nature, your health, etc.)

The more grateful you are, the happier you become and the more fulfilled you will feel.

 2.  CELEBRATE your ACCOMPLISHEMENTS both current and future. Celebrate a milestone on something you are working toward.

  • Take 5 minutes and celebrate 1 thing you’ve accomplished and 2 things you know you are going to accomplish (like they already happened)
  • Get pumped up about these accomplishments and be happy about these things you are winning.

Until you get your body connected to your accomplishments, you’re going to feel unfulfilled.

 3GIVE Generously regardless of where you are in life. It is our responsibility to give of ourselves. This can be time, money or whatever feels right for you.

  • When you give, it is a reminder of how successful and fortunate you really are.

Once you shift from a model of scarcity (there is never enough) to one of abundance (there is a lot), you will feel a crazy amount of fulfillment.

Action Items

  • Change Your Morning Routine – Do the 3 steps above everyday
  • Recognize when you feel down, not fulfilled, or just in a funk
    • Then do the grateful step immediately

Good Luck and get your life in balance and be grateful TODAY!!!